Etsy and Tan France Dreamed Up the Perfect Collab of Everyday Luxuries

Plus three more collections on our radar this week.

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tan france in living room
Courtesy of Etsy

It’s peak seasonal swap time. In an effort to nip impending SAD in the bud, some people are on the hunt for something, anything, that will make them happy. Others simply want uber-functional items to support them through the next few months of at-home living/working/homeschooling. Luckily, a roster of buzzy fall collections and collaborations are here to help. Here are four we’re eyeing this week.

Etsy Is Teaming Up With Tan France

What to know: The Queer Eye star worked with 13 Etsy sellers for a 22-piece debut on the platform. 

Behind the design: “I’m a firm believer in appreciating everyday indulgences,” France tells us. “My morning coffee routine is sacred, so when codesigning this line, I wanted to create items that elevated this ritual that so many others across the globe enjoy.” The launch’s little luxuries encourage slow living at every time of day, from that first drip of espresso to the incense you burn before bedtime. 

Shop our carts: Concrete vessels in muted tones are begging for freshly picked florals. And don’t miss out on France’s mug: Each one is hand-thrown from stoneware clay and features a specially crafted narrow opening to keep your latte hot for as long as possible. 

Ceramic Mug


Wave Concrete Vase


The Citizenry’s Autumn Edit Is Here

What to know: A new collection of textiles and furniture officially debuted on September 15.

Behind the design: It’s a launch designed from all over the world: There are handwoven rugs from India, leather ottomans from Portugal, hand-braided baskets from Mexico all in the brand’s signature earthy hues, created using locally sourced materials.

Shop our carts: We’re honing in on the carpets—abstract shapes make cozy floors fun.

Bassi Accent Rug

The Citizenry

Diya Accent Rug

The Citizenry

MoMA Just Released Its Fall Collection

What to know: Launched right after Labor Day, the 190-plus pieces span everything from kitchenware to chunky furniture

Behind the design: When the pandemic started, Emmanuel Plat (MoMA Design Store’s director of merchandising) saw specific requests for one thing: decor that could spark joy. “We noticed that customers were increasingly buying colorful items,” he explains. “We know that people have been through a lot, and if our product selection can help bring them a bit of happiness, that’s how we measure success.” 

Shop our carts: A set of rainbow placemats and tricolor desktop drawers are small hits of serotonin for your space.

Poppin Stow File Cabinet


Multi-Color Stripe Placemat


Sefte Living Has a New Partner

What to know: When designer Jenny Wolf gets together with Sefte Living, cozy textiles abound. The tightly curated collaboration includes three simple—and very versatile—patterns. 

Behind the design: Nubby white textiles are the building blocks for your very own zen den. The pieces are a splurge, but for good reason: all the materials are ethically sourced and the products are handmade by artisans in the Andes Mountains.

Shop our carts: Make the most of transitional fall weather with the addition of this alpaca and merino wool blend pillow and throws to your bed or sofa.

Dido Pillow

Sefte Living

Persephone Throw

Sefte Living

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