Published on May 18, 2020

white curvy sofaPin It
Courtesy of Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen Offsite is always one of our favorite design fairs of the year: Small brands, fresh faces, and cult-favorite makers alike combine for a mega-inspirational show. Because of the coronavirus, this year the event has gone digital. An online presentation of about 60 designers is now officially available for viewing—and we spotted one trend in particular making the rounds. It looks like chunky furniture is sticking around for another season. 

Somewhere between chubby, childlike decor and retro tubular pieces, these items are a real visual treat. It’s something about the way their oversize, funky silhouettes are paired with rich colors; the balance is unexpected and delightful. At Cuff Studio, Estudio Persona, and Coil + Drift, plush seating in pinks and yellows steals the show. Hudson Valley, New York–based Jack Rabbit Studio takes a similar approach to organic shapes, alternating between a primary-colored armchair and neutral Mediterranean plaster-inspired sofa. 

ochre curved armchairPin It
Courtesy of Sight Unseen
curvy pink bookcase in red roomPin It
Courtesy of Sight Unseen
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Courtesy of Sight Unseen
pink curvy armchairPin It
Courtesy of Sight Unseen

Elsewhere, bright hues meet innovative design in Jumbo’s electric yellow neoprene-upholstered beanbag couch and Studio Mignone’s ombré concrete table. For storage, we can hardly think of a more stylish vessel than Christopher Campbell’s leaning plaster bookshelf (it “says a jaunty hello,” according to the collection description). 

The good news is you can already shop most of these pieces—though given the intricate production process, expect a higher price tag. While you save up for that statement investment purchase, might we suggest taking a look at these more wallet-friendly retailers? The chunky furniture trend is available for all budgets.  

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