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Flowers and candy are charming, but are they chic? And more importantly, will they still be around in a week? Valentine’s Day gifts of the evergreen sort say you care, and also come in a variety of intensities on the “serious relationship” scale. But while a handcrafted item is much appreciated, purchasing one from an Etsy artisan pretty much guarantees that your present will be infinitely more giftable. Here, we’ve rounded up the best

Etsy gifts

from a range of indie designers for ladies and men.

Holographic Flake Iphone Case

This gorgeous, slim case protects your phone without bulk, nor a lot of pomp and circumstance. Delicate, holographic flakes allow the color of your device to shine through. At $13, it’s a budget-friendly gift, too.


Iphone Case, $13

Bathroom Male/Female Sign

Hand painted in Australia, this adorable signage will ensure her W.C. door will be decorated and there will be no confusion as to which door opens to which room.

Bathroom Sign, $35.33

Elina Linardaki Sandals

Sold at posh department stores, a little known secret is that you can score these trendy tootsie confections on Etsy for less if you can handle the longer shipping time. The Ever After lace-ups are ideal for a romantic vacation. Why not package them with airplane tickets?


Sandals, $285.71

A Sassy Doormat

The perfect gift for the “Mean Girls” fan in your life, this hand-painted greeting will utterly entertain her guests. Plus, who can’t use this kind of morning affirmation on the way to work?

Doormat, $45

Little Seoul Kiss Stud Earrings

If delicate, microscopic jewelry is your thing, look no further than Little Seoul. With tons of teensy offerings in gold, rose gold, and silver, you can create an entire wearable wardrobe, all at super affordable prices. These kiss earrings sell for $48 and make the perfect V-Day gift, no?


Earrings, $48

Fine Leather Card Holder

It says it’s a great groom gift, but we think it makes an excellent personalized option for the gentleman in your life for Valentine’s Day. Holding up to five cards, this mini wallet can be embossed with his initials or pet name.

Card Holder, $25

Shower Beer Holder

Why get him a flask when this is so on brand for the dude who likes to multitask? This holder comes in five hues and can be used in the car or on a boat, in addition to its designated use for the shower. It wouldn’t be an etsy guide without a quirky gift like this.


Beer Holder, $13.99