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We all have that one friend we go to for great recommendations. From the best-smelling candle to the next big furniture maker or the new natural skin-care brand, they always know best. In 10 Things, we ask our favorite creatives to share the discoveries that make them happy so you can track down fantastic daily essentials, too.

They’ve been haunting us for months, popping up consistently in some of the most stylish homes: bubblegum-hued sci-fi lamps. With their gangly, bulbous silhouettes, they look like they were beamed down from an alien spaceship. But they’re actually the work of Jonathan Entler, an up-and-coming Los Angeles–based ceramic lighting designer.

The son of a woodworker, Entler has been around furniture making his entire life, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he started working with his hands from an early age, modeling clay in his dad’s shop. Today the designer’s Lincoln Heights studio buzzes with a team of 12 that crafts each lamp, sconce, and chandelier by hand and glazes them in a variety of vivid colors and finishes. The fixtures are sold worldwide, from New York to Tokyo, and soon the brand will expand into colored-glass mirrors. Otherworldly lights are not Entler’s only passion—he also has a penchant for campfire fragrances and psychedelic vegan cheesecake. (Can you blame him?) In a recent chat, the founder revealed 10 things that make him happy.


The Memphis Mirror

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Ultrafragola Mirror, Ettore Sottsass ($9,845)

“This is among the most beautiful objects ever made and it’s a big inspiration for our new line of wall mirrors. My grandfather’s name is Ettore, and when I was little, I thought he was the only one in the world. So when I discovered Sottsass’s work I was immediately fascinated.”

The Nostalgic Scent

El Cosmico, D.S. & Durga ($260)

“I wasn’t all that interested in fragrances until we made a chandelier for D.S. & Durga’s new store on Mulberry Street in New York. This one got my attention. It reminds me of camping in the desert and the smell of my father’s woodshop when it’s raining.”

The Nubby Key Holder

Mini Nub Bowl, Ben Medansky ($140)

“Ben Medansky’s ceramics have been a huge source of inspiration for me, and this is among my favorite pieces of his. The balance of industrial grit and playful softness is so satisfying.”

The Crowd-Pleasing Treat

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Psychedelic Cheesecake, Solar Return (Price upon request)

“We’ve ordered these psychedelic vegan cheesecakes from Solar Return as treats for all our studio events, and they are so beautiful our guests have to be reassured that they’re intended for eating.”


The Out-of-This-World Furniture

Table, Material Forms (Price upon request)

“These tables from Material Forms are not out yet, but I’ve had a peek and they’re stunningly beautiful. It’s like they took a slice of a meteorite just before it hit the earth and set it on a pedestal, just so you’ll have a place to put your drink.”

The Cinematic Pick-Me-Up

The Wild Boys, Ecce Films ($4)

“The last time I was in Italy, we had a rough couple of days. My cell phone was stolen and we had to rush home early to care for our ailing cat. After canceling the rest of our trip and booking our early-morning flight, we were so bummed out. But then we stumbled upon this movie on the plane, and for two hours we were completely mesmerized. I haven’t been able to find it since, but it’s worth searching for!”

The Unwinding Essential

Faded Velvet Ottoman, Ferm Living ($899)

“This ottoman is like a stack of plush velvet doughnuts. Since humans have been standing upright for almost 2 million years, it’s nice to put your feet up once in a while.” 

The Italian Design Bible

Entryways of Milan, Taschen ($70)

“The Milanese seem to know things about aesthetically conscious living that the rest of us would miss had they had not pointed it out. For instance, the thoughtful consideration of one’s experience entering a building, almost as if it were a temple.”


The Edgy Vase

Studded Bell Vase, LGS Studio ($280)

“LGS Studio recently relocated to Los Angeles from Portland, Oregon, and it is making these amazing studded vessels. They’re like an ancient idol wearing a punk collar.”

The Breakfast-in-Bed Must-Have

Honeycomb Tray, Wolfum ($68)

“In third grade, my teacher, Mrs. Kropp, took time every Friday to teach the class how to cook breakfast with just a hot plate. It gave me the impression that great and wonderful things can happen with limited resources and a little thoughtfulness. I’ve always loved making breakfast because of that, and even more so when I get to serve it to someone special on this beautiful tray.”

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