Published on April 12, 2016

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Photography by THE HAPPY TULIP

by Bailey Swilley

endive taco boats with fresh pico de gallo

Make taco night so much healthier with this refreshingly simple recipe.

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Photography by VANILLA AND BEAN

endive with pear and blue cheese

Craving sweet and salty? Opt for this crunchy snack, which also makes a great appetizer with friends.

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Photography by NATURALLY ELLA

roasted endives with thyme

If you’re tired of yams and crans year after year, bookmark this side recipe for your next holiday meal.

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Photography by I’VE GOT CAKE

tuna tartare on endive boats

If you’re in the mood for raw, fresh fish, but want to skip rice, go for these stylish endive boats.

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mediterranean endive boats

Greek salad lovers, rejoice! There’s a way to enjoy your favorite veggies as a snack. 

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Photography by FOOD AND WINE

gin and orange juice braised endives

Bet you didn’t realize these two ingredients could combine to make a beautiful braise! 

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roasted beet salad with pecans, balsamic vinegar, citrus, and endives

Yes, this salad is inspired by the Twilight series. We’ll eat like vampire vegetarians any time.

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Photography by MARC MATSUMOTO

fig and endive salad 

Endives are amazing chopped and shredded into a delicious slaw, and this is the proof. 

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Photography by RHUBARBARIANS

belgian endive and apple salad 

Belgian food isn’t all fries and beer! (Though we’d enjoy this salad with both, to be honest.)

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Photography by JUNE DARVILLE

belgian beer and endive soup

Speaking of Belgian beer, this flavorful soup is amazing topped with cheesy bread and shrimp.

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beet endive quinoa rainbow salad

Bring this to work with you and not only will you be the healthiest employee, but you’ll also be the most psychedelic.

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Photography by EPICES & MOI

polenta tart with braised endive, orange, and goat cheese

This bright yellow tart combines unexpected ingredients to create your new favorite brunch recipe. 

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Photography by PEONY LIM

red endive, orange and watercress salad 

Need a showstopper at your next get-together? Ta-da!