The Wildly Refreshing Mocktails We’re Making This Weekend

These summery mocktails bring the bubbles—and so much more.

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Refreshing drinks are essential for beating the summer heat. Instead of water with lemon, try turning your favorite cocktails into playful mocktails with flavored sparkling water. These family-friendly drinks are perfect for lazy picnics, backyard parties, and long days at the beach. By using sparkling water as the base, you can easily incorporate a variety of different fresh flavors to make a bubbly beverage that is sure to wow.

Raspberry Lemonade Moscow Mule

A classic Moscow mule is always a safe bet when it comes to ordering a thirst-quenching cocktail, but this mocktail alternative is guaranteed to be just as tasty. Sparkling raspberry lemonade makes this version from Dad with a Pan equally as satisfying as the original, especially when enjoyed in a traditional mule mug.  


Grapefruit Rosemary

Fresh herbs can turn a standard drink into a mocktail masterpiece. This grapefruit and rosemary recipe from Place of My Taste takes sparkling water to the next level with the help of a homemade simple syrup and grapefruit juice.

Pomegranate Lime Sparkler

Whether it’s paired with a meal, sipped on the beach, or made in a big batch, this pomegranate lime sparkler will definitely delight. Farmstead Chic explains the perfect way to upgrade any glass of sparkling water. Add a few tablespoons of pomegranate and lime juice, and this summery refreshment will be ready to serve.

Raspberry Mojito

Whip up this mocktail mojito from Cooktoria, and pack it for your next picnic. Use a sparkling water as the base, and add in simple syrup, fresh raspberries, lime juice, and tons of mint to create a sweet, perfect-for-outside beverage.

Cucumber Basil

This recipe from Camille Styles combines sparkling water, lime juice, blood orange juice, and homemade basil lime simple syrup. Once the liquids are mixed together, pour it over a hefty portion of ice, and add sliced cucumber, basil leaves, and lime to finish off this picture perfect mocktail.

Watermelon Ginger Sparkler

When the sun comes out and the weather gets warm, one thing’s for sure: Watermelon is a must. This watermelon ginger drink from How Sweet Eats is sure to be a crowd favorite. Pureed watermelon combined with a ginger and vanilla simple syrup is only made better with some sparkling water for a fizzy effect.

Coconut Lime

Thanks to the ultra popular flavors of La Croix, making mocktails is easier than ever. This recipe from Lily & Val is only a few steps and totally worth it. Muddle mint leaves, lime juice, and honey together to create the perfect flavor combination. Fill the glass with ice, pour in a can of sparkling coconut water, and then top it off with a lime slice and mint sprig. Voilà! You’ve got yourself a top notch drink in no time.

Blackberry Mint Agua Fresca

Keeping up with the demands of thirsty guests at dinner party can be tough. This blackberry mint agua fresca from The Novice Chef Blog can be made in big batches to easily serve throughout the night. The amount of time it takes to put this together? Oh, just a minute or two. Simply combine fresh blackberries, sparkling water, mint leaves, and sugar together in a pitcher over ice.

Frosted Lime and Berry Spritzer

A flavorful simple syrup can do wonders for just about any drink, including this frosted lime and berry spritzer from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. Blueberries, water, and sugar seriously upgrade a lime flavored sparkling water. Use a skewer with blueberries, slices of lime, and fresh mint to turn this into the ultimate mocktail.


Blood Orange Rosemary Sparkler

Revamp your brunch menu with this blood orange and rosemary sparkling drink from A Couple Cooks. A syrup made of honey and rosemary mixed with fresh blood orange juice and sparkling water makes for a tasty drink that nobody will be able to turn down. Serve it in simple carafes, and use it to dress up your table.

Nectarine Mint Lemonade

While a classic glass of lemonade is great, this version from Oleander and Palm will outshine it any day. Mix together lemon juice, pureed nectarine mixture, and sparkling water, and serve with lots of ice. Make this aesthetically pleasing drink even better by garnishing the glass with a slice nectarine and a sprig of mint.

Apricot Fusion

You can upgrade any flavor of sparkling water with fresh fruit. With this recipe from Oh So Delicioso, you’ll turn apricot sparkling water into a creamy drink by incorporating a fresh fruit puree.

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