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Would you pay $115 for an overnight bus ride between San Francisco and Los Angeles?

Apparently, the sleeper cabin is making a comeback. Cabin, a new startup “moving hotel” company, offers overnight bus rides between the two California hubs. Marketed as “the dreamiest way to travel between LA and SF,” the company aims to combine great sleep with efficient travel for the duration of the eight hour trip.

“Lost time, stressful logistics, and extra costs often keep us from easily (and spontaneously) traveling between cities,” says the company’s website. “We created Cabin to change the way we travel with unbelievably comfortable overnight vehicles that maximize every waking and sleeping moment.”

With blackout drapes and soundproof walls, it certainly seems like sleep is the main attraction for Cabin. Each cabin is fully equipped with clean bedding (and Casper sheets!), a reading light, and free wifi.

Other justifications for the $115 one-way fare include 24/7 attendants, nighttime tea and freshly brewed morning coffee, a spacious bathroom, and a luggage allowance of two pieces per person. Originally called SleepBus, the company launched a trial pilot service in 2016, and many people were skeptical. Gizmodo pointed out that you could probably find round-trip tickets between LA and SF for around the same price of a one-way on Cabin, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an airline offering the same amenities.

That said, the original service was far less glamorous, using a trailer connected to a commercial truck as its vehicle—today’s version operates via double-decker buses.

Departure time is currently set at 11 p.m with a 7 a.m arrival schedule, and Cabin is planning to expand their new business model in the future. Seeing as the startup secured $3.3 million in seed financing to launch the overnight service, we’re betting we can expect to see more from the company soon.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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Image by @ridecabin on Instagram