Published on May 19, 2015

inside your kitchen cabinets

Isn't what's on the inside supposed to be what counts? Brighten up the interiors of your cabinets by removing the shelves and giving the interior space a refresh. If you're afraid of color, it's a great way to test out a bright orange, yellow, or deep teal.
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office corkboard

It isn’t easy to make a corkboard cute, regardless of how many photos or takeout menus are pinned to it. Give your board an easy upgrade by painting on some chevron stripes.
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wine glasses

Raise your next glass in style by painting your stemware in this dipped technique using a can of spray paint and tape. We'll drink to that.
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Guests will think you scored these beautiful, hand-painted votives from a high-end home store. This project takes no time at all and the only instructions you need are to brush without abandon.
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For a welcome addition to the front door, give one of the hardest working pieces in your house an update with fresh, neon stripes. This project works best with a plain fiber style.
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chair legs

Dip-dye is everywhere right now and it's super easy to achieve. Take a tired chair and tape off the legs ¾ of the way down. Try it with a pop of neon on stark white or unfinished wood or in a royal blue on white.
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storage bins

Canvas catchalls have never looked this tasty. Use stencils or your own hand to add some tropical punch to your bins. Not feeling the fruit motif? Paint it with your favorite catchphrases or a stripe, chevron, or polka dot pattern.
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a blank canvas

You don't need to spend a fortune on original art – create it yourself! This super easy abstract triptych requires your imagination and little else. Pour yourself a glass of wine and invite your friends over for a painting party. We bet the end result will make its way over the mantle.
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