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I love changing out accessories in our home and the number one accessory to change is always pillows. This can get very expensive which is the reason why I usually shop my house first to see which ones I can change up a bit and possibly even paint. I love painting fabric and have painted many pillows and curtains before. I have painted black and white tuxedo curtains, marbled curtains, striped curtains and towels.

I use a mix of acrylic paint and fabric medium that I mix myself according to the fabric medium’s instruction label. I had old striped pillows tucked away that I hadn’t used in a while which got me thinking about Kilim and Tribal designs. They are so in style right now and can be quite expensive. A large number of Kilim and Tribal designs have stripes in them. I researched lots of inspiration and found an abundance of Kilim pillow designs that inspired me.

I decided on a more graphic approach to the Kilim/Tribal design since I didn’t want to get into too much detail and keep it easy and simple.So I taped off some different sized stripes and mixed a color I liked and painted over some of the beige in the pillow. I also painted in some black shapes and used fabric marker for some thin stripes.

After drying I heat set it and inserted the filling back inside. I love the easy and graphic update to our bedroom and since I had everything on hand it didn’t cost me anything which is always a good thing because I frequently change things up.Maybe next time you pass a simple striped fabric or pillow you will look at it in a different way and change it up a bit too?