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Dyson is known for its clever home products, from light-therapy lamps to sleek-looking air purifiers, but in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the company is taking a step in a new direction. The brand has come up with the CoVent, a ventilator meant to address the shortage of machines in hospitals. “As with any battle, there are many challenges to overcome, not least the availability of essential equipment,” the company’s founder, James Dyson, wrote in a letter to his employees this week. 

The ventilator, designed in conjunction with the Technology Partnership (TTP), can be mounted on a bed, is portable, and operates on batteries, so it can be used in different care settings. The company reengineered its digital motor (the same pulse technology that powers its popular hair dryers) to meet the requirements of the ventilator’s fan. Experts from the U.K.’s National Health Service and other medical organizations were involved in the development of the tool, as well as the company’s own air purifier experts, to ensure it has high-quality filtration.

The race is now on to get the device into production. Currently the company has an order of 10,000 units from the local government and, according to a spokesperson who spoke with CNN, the goal is to start rolling them out in early April. On top of that, the founder has committed to donating 5,000 units to the international effort, 1,000 of which will go to the U.K.  

Dyson isn’t the only brand refocusing its resources to fight the pandemic. Everyone from textile designers to furniture makers are stepping up to supply face masks, hospital gowns, and beds. Because we’re all in this together. 

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