Would You Live In A Tiny Dome?

Introducing Smartdomes, the newest small-space living solution to hit the market.

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It’s no secret that tiny homes are trending. In response to a growing shift in favor of urban life and the subsequently small spaces most people are enduring in crowded cities, a Slovenian company called Smartdome Constructions is providing a new alternative to tiny apartments: dome homes.

“More and more people live in urban surroundings where they are exposed to constant stress. The best way of overcoming stress is life in nature,” reads the mission statement on Smartdome’s website. “Our aim is to develop new methods of living in the country, combining technical efficiency with careful treatment of resources and nature alike.”

Enter Smartdomes. These tiny (the basic model measures around 270 square feet) dome-shaped residences are elevated above land via steel legs and can be placed literally anywhere, making them the ideal living solution for degraded or difficult terrain. Constructed from galvanized steel and moisture-resistant framework sealed with UV-resistant rubber, each Smartdome has a modular design, which means the abode can be expanded, taken apart, and transported with relatively little effort.

Smartdomes are durable and energy efficient, but their great benefit is their innovative design and unique customization capability. The homes are available in a variety of styles, with each unit consisting of a prefabricated module that can be transformed to suit the owner’s taste.

“The project is really something fresh and different for every nature lover,” Željko Hočevar of Smartdome Construction told Inhabitat. “It’s the first printed dodecahedron structure in the world.”

Those intrigued by the idea of dome living have the option to choose between four types of Smartdomes: Skydome, Aquadome, Treedome, and Snowdome. So no matter what type of property you’re working with, there is a Smartdome for you.

However, be warned that these trendy homes come with a pretty steep price: the most basic model —which doesn’t include a bathroom or a kitchen— will set you back about $22,500. And that’s not even counting the cost of shipping from Slovenia, where each Smartdome is designed, engineered, and manufactured. For now we think we’ll stick to our more financially-sound hacks for small space living, but who knows? If the current housing trend of creating innovative tiny homes continues, there may come a time when we’re all living in these futuristic domes.

Source: Inhabitat 

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