DIY Woven Wall Hangings to Add ‘70s Flair to Your Space

Can you dig it? Get your groove, err weave, on with these on-trend tutorials.

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From crochet crop tops to woven wall hangings, weaving had its heyday in the ’70s. Now with the retro revival movement in full swing, kitschy crafts are coming back in a big way. These 3D wall displays lend dimension, color, and texture to any space.

Ready to add some far out flair to your crib? You can score woven

wall art on

Etsy and even at Target. How-tos are popping up all over Pinterest. While DIY-ing your own woven design may seem intimidating, we promise it’s not as complicated as you think—especially when you have the help of step-by-step instructions. These tutorials take the guesswork out of creating a ‘70s-inspired masterpiece.

DIY Negative Space Woven Wall Hanging

A highly textural weaving project that only takes an hour? Sign us up! A Beautiful Mess achieved this vertical, negative space pattern through a combination thick jersey fabric—for the weave and fringe—cotton warp yarn, and a Lap Loom Model A. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the triangles are actually open.

DIY Loom Woven Wall Hanging

You don’t have to be a skilled knitter (or have fancy supplies) to try this tutorial. Honestly WTF uses a makeshift loom—made from a picture frame—and layers rows of basic weave, tassels, and wool roving (soft wool that hasn’t been spun into yarn) into a legit professional-looking project.  


DIY Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Proof that small and simple can make a statement. This mini macrame wall hanging from A Pretty Fix couldn’t be easier to create. Seriously, this dreamy diamond-shaped pattern comes together with just a trio of supplies (a dowel, cotton cord, and scissors) and one basic, square knot.


DIY Painted Wall Hanging

Not only is this project from Bash Studio easy—all you have to do is cut, loop, and pain the rope—and inexpensive, but the sherbert-esque shades are sure to brighten up any room.


DIY Macrame Hoop Wall Hang

The base of this beauty is a macrame hoop and latch hook canvas. From there The House That Lars Built threaded in various lengths and shades of yarn to create this vibrant tapestry. The best part? You can totally customize the colors and size to fit your space.


DIY Wrapped Wool Wall Hanging  

Holy wool! This massive (80cm x 165cm) wall hanging makes a major impact. Luckily, the skills (simply wrapping and looping) required to create it are not comparable to its size. What you do need is a lot of wool! We Are Scout used five balls of 12-ply wool for each color—teal, green, indigo, pink, and orange—and eight skeins of wool roving.


DIY Dip Dyed Tassel Wall Hanging

New to knitting? Consider a kit. This one from Brit + Co comes loaded with enough pre-cut twine, wood dowels, and fabric dye powder to pull off this dip-dyed tassel DIY with aplomb

DIY Statement Wall Hanging  

This geometric design from A Beautiful Mess takes distinctly modern approach to the trend. Okay, so technically it’s more string art than woven wall art, but it’s so chic we had to include it. Plus, it’s super simple—the string is literally hot-glued on—so for anyone feeling like they need a practice project, before diving into a full scale woven installation, this is a good place to start.

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