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Who says your favorite knickknacks and beloved books don’t deserve a worthy home? Inspired by a previous spray paint project in which we revamped an ordinary dresser into a graphic statement-piece, we turned to Krylon® once again to transform a plain-Jane modular shelving system into a dreamy colorblocked display. All you need is Krylon® ColorMaster® Paint + Primer, a mask (to filter paint fumes) and tape, to champion this no-fuss DIY.   Here is our quick and easy guide to personalizing your own bookshelf:

1. Choose your palette

With so many enticing colors to pick from, narrowing your selects down (we recommend three to five) can feel overwhelming. Our tip: stick to colors that feel true to you and complement the other décor in your space. For our project, we selected a palette inspired by colors we’ve seen on the runway and in the design world, as well as colors we love decorating with in our own homes.

2. Plan your path

While spraying is, of course, the most exciting step, it’s important to map out your DIY journey beforehand. Sketch out how you want to arrange your shelves and decide which cubes you want to bring to life with color. Label each of the panels in real life with sticky notes so you don’t forget!

3. Perfect the design

Tape, tape, and more tape. Cover the front of the shelves to keep them clean and paint-free. If you’re interested in incorporating a graphic design (like our triangle panel we made using Krylon® ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer in Gloss Sun Yellow), simply lay down newspaper or plastic tarp to cover the area you want to leave white.

4. Spray away

The key to any impeccable do-it-yourself undertaking? Patience. Budget your time for each coat according to the application and dry time instructions on the label. Be sure to spray in a well-ventilated area, and throw on a mask if you’d like. If you’re using two colors on one panel to create a graphic look, apply the lightest shade first and then—once it’s totally dry—apply your darkest shade. After all is sprayed and done: assemble and style!


Watch the full how-to video to see the dynamic transformation from start to finish.

Visit www.krylon.com/add-your-color for more inspirational hacks!

Full list of materials:

1. Krylon® ColorMaster® Paint + Primer in Matte Paprika, Gloss Bright Idea, Satin Hunter Green, Matte Sunrise, and Gloss Sun Yellow, and Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer – 25% More in Gloss Ballet Slipper  2. Latex Gloves 3. Alcohol thinner 4. Cloth Rags 5. Painters tape in various widths 6. Newspaper or plastic tarps (to cover areas of the project you don’t want paint to get on rather than taping large areas) 7.  Dust Mask (optional)