15 things every stylish girl has at home

take a cue from spaces with style.

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a sheepskin

Ok, so maybe the sheepskin trend seems overdone, but they’re popular for a reason. How else do you expect to elevate your space without making it look too flashy? Why a sheepskin, of course.

a serving tray

One of the many things we’ve learned from Emily Schuman is that a serving tray can be effortlessly chic and personalized in any space. Whether you fancy bright blooms or interestingly shaped bowls, personalize your tray with some of your favorite things.

textured throw pillows

Yes, accent pillows aren’t entirely necessary in a space; however, they add so much character to your bed, couch, and favorite chair.

tapestry art

If you’re renting and not sure entirely how to decorate your bedroom, a creative and crafty way to bring dimension into a room is with a large tapestry. Hang it behind your bed, couch, kitchen table—anywhere, really.

See a collection here.


College days are long gone which means one thing: you’re allowed to burn candles now. Whether floral scents are your jam, or fresh clean scents, sprinkle them around your house in places like your bedroom, bathroom, and everywhere in between.

a bar cart

Yet another thing that’s taken home decor by storm. Any chance to give a BIG nod to our liquor collection is fine by us. Stock your favorite libations, bitters, and art on yours for a lived-in take on creating cocktails at home.

a collection of globes

If you’re a tried and true jetsetter or glean inspiration from spinning a globe, scour your local flea market for a vintage globe that will add shape, dimension, and character to your space.

a collection of books

This isn’t something you can necessarily buy in one weekend, but over time, you can have the library of your dreams. If showcasing your books has become mundane to you, flip them backwards with the bindings facing the wall for an interesting take on displaying your literary collection.

record player

It’s been said that behind every stylish girl is great music sensibility—and we agree. If you’re in the market to snazz up your space but not sure entirely how, purchase a record player and display your favorite records in an antique bin below the stand, or above the player on a shelf. You’ll never want to listen to music through earbuds again.

Find a plethora of players here.

coat rack

NYC apartments are small enough, but we’re not even going to talk about closet space. One of the oldest tricks in the books (from said stylish ladies), is to showcase your coats on a minimalistic rack with matching hangers.

le creuset

As you get older, you start to realize just how important good cookware can be. And hey, bonus points for cookware that doubles as kitchen decor, too. Display your kitchen pots, pans, and dishes with a

le creuset

atop your oven to 1) motivate you to cook more, and 2) impress every guest you host.

See the full collection here.

abstract art

Sometimes bigger is better. Trade in tiny prints that occupy your walls with large-scale abstract art that isn’t only eye catching, but adds stylish dimension to your room without being too stuffy.

large-scale mirrors

It’s time to give the over-the-door (generic) mirror you sourced at Target a rest. Find an area of your room that has ample space, and gently lean a large-scale mirror against the wall, accenting with scarves and purses.


It seems as if credenza’s have been blowing up over the past few years—and appropriately so—they’re classically made with european design. They’re perfect as a

makeshift bar

cart or tv stand, or even as a display for your favorite art.

Artwork above the credenza by Stephanie Vovas.


If you’re known to have a “black thumb” there’s still hope—and a plant for you. Snatch a few cacti from your local hardware store and set a reminder to water it every two weeks. It’s an effortless way to add life to your space without investing too much time.