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If you’re living in a small space and don’t have much square footage to work with design-wise, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of petite yet big-on-style furniture and decor options for you to choose from. Here’s how to get the look you want without overwhelming your layout. From seating options to tricks for making your small space look larger, these are the essentials you should bring home.

A Sette

A sofa is an integral part of the living space in your home. It’s the center of design decisions, social gatherings, and binge watching. If a traditional couch is too bulky or long for the space you’re working with, try a sette. You can achieve the same level of coziness without shrinking your living space. This velvet tufted settee from Safavieh is the perfect way to ensure your living room has the proper backbone. Add pillows, throws and a small ottoman to elevate it to its ultimate homey level.

Safavieh Bria Velvet Settee, $441.99

An Open Media Unit

Avoid media units that are too big and complex for your space. While you may be tight on storage and grateful for additional shelving and drawers, they will make your wall look too busy and dark—thus, making your home look smaller. Opt for a sleek credenza or an open one like this Offi setup. You can use these four boxes however you wish—with or without legs.

Offi BBox 4, $799.49

Extra Seating

Small spaces can be tricky when you’re hosting guests. If you don’t have the room to store extra seating, stools are a great alternative. They can easily be placed against walls, in corners, in the kitchen, or at the dining table. These clear stools from Modway Furniture will barely take up any space in your home and still look great when they’re not being used. Stack books or showcase your plants on these by a window or at your bedside until they need to be used as seats.

Modway Furniture Clear Stool, $81.99

Add an Ottoman

While on the subject of extra seating, poufs and ottomans are also a great option for tiny homes. Keep them in front of your settee or next to your media unit. Since they are so plush and comfortable, they will add warmth to your space, as well. They’re available in a wide range of materials and prints, so you can choose whatever you want to either blend into your home or add a pop of color. A banana leaf pouf like this once from Loom Decor will bring a playful element to your living room.

Loom Decor Banana Leaf Pouf, $265.99


Using mirrors to enlarge your space is one of the oldest tricks in the book. By reflecting the light in your room, it will make it appear larger overall. From leaning mirrors to hanging decor pieces, they all work wonders. This circular rattan mirror from Serena & Lily is the perfect starter piece.

Serena & Lily Montara Mirror, $298

Additional Lighting

An ill-lit room will automatically look smaller, so it’s crucial to make sure you have the proper lighting. A lack of surface area may make it difficult to place lamps, but don’t let that deter you—use your walls instead! While you may associate sconces with a traditional style, they come in tons of modern, fun options. This globe sconce from Arteriors would look chic next to a mirror or above any nightstand while saving space.

Arteriors Quimbly Sconce, $240


Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it feel like a big home. While wallpapering the space in its entirety may not be the best idea, creating accent walls will give the area depth and make it seem more complete. Pick a pattern and color palette that complements your existing hues and go from there. This silhouette paper from Tempaper will look great behind a shelving unit, a dining room table, your bed, or any other area you want to feel special.

Tempaper Silhouette Paper, $98

Area Rugs

When you’re living in a small space, especially a studio apartment, it’s hard to differentiate areas. Making your bedroom feel separate from your living area can be a challenge, but using rugs can help you make your spaces feel more distinct. Try using shag or traditional rugs in your “bedroom” and something more modern in the “living room” to create different atmospheres and aesthetics. This patterned shag rug from Momeni would look great in any space.

Momeni Kato Ivory Shag Area Rug, $58.99

Get a Headboard

If you feel like something is missing from your sleeping area, a headboard might be just what you need to make it feel complete. A seamed headboard like this one from Skyline Furniture will bring add a cozy bedroom feel without taking up any additional space.

Skyline Furniture Headboard, $369

Add Storage

When closets and dressers just aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to bring in extra storage. These days, exposed storage options can be beautiful. This Umbra coat and shoe rack is the ideal way to display some of your belongings. Although it’s technically storage, it will also serve as decoration in your home—just be sure you keep it neat.

Umbra Leanera Coat and Shoe Rack, $149.99

Compact Accent Chair

Being tight on space leaves little room for accent pieces, but you can find chairs that fit in corners or other nooks and crannies. And an accent chair will make your living area feel more put together. Angle a piece like this rocking chair from Modway Furniture to soften the lines of the room.

Modway Furniture Swerve Rocking Chair, $412.99

Play with Prints

Even though your space is small, there’s plenty of wall space to personalize. Gallery walls or vignettes are an easy way to showcase your style. Use prints and photos you already have or snag some new ones like this exclusive print from Domino to add pops of color to your home.

Surf’s Up Print, $34.99


From knickknacks to books, you probably need some extra space for your personal belongings. These Umbra floating shelves are barely detectable, but make such a big impact! Shelving options like these are great for when you simply don’t have the space to have a bookshelf. Don’t keep your favorite books hidden in storage when you can have them right up on your walls.

Umbra Conceal Small Floating Shelf Set, $29.99


If you’re already struggling with closet and storage space, everyday necessities like a hamper become an issue. Baskets are your friends! You can get a beautiful canvas hamper like this one from Pehr Designs, and you won’t be embarrassed to have it on display next to your dresser. Problem solved.

Pehr Designs Railroad Hamper, $69.99

Tiny Dining Table

Having space for a proper dining room in a small home is a luxury. Eating Chinese food on the sofa while watching television is fun, but sometimes you just want to properly sit down at a table. Slide a small, circular table like this one from Modway Furniture into a corner of the room or kitchen, and you’re all set.

Modway Furniture Tempera Circular Dining Table, $159.99