Published on March 5, 2018

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Courtesy of cb2
Watering cans typically tend to fall under the category of household essentials that skew towards the utilitarian—which means that more often than not, they’re not the most attractive or style-focused pieces in the tool shed. And realistically speaking, we would be hard-pressed to splurge on said essential, seeing as its sole purpose is to simply transfer water from point A to point B.

That said, we scoured the market to unearth the watering cans that just may inspire an upgrade—to those who use a water glass in lieu of one, we’re looking at you. From the sleek and contemporary to the chic and budget-friendly, we found the very best of all that is available right now. Take a look. 

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Courtesy of terrain

Haws Solid Copper Watering Can, Terrain,


We would never shy away from a watering can as stunning as this, especially when it comes with such a lustrous copper detail. Elongated, sleek, and elegantly structured, this one will look especially pleasing when paired with an abundant array of potted greens. 

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Courtesy of emsa

Fuchsia Watering Can, Emsa,


For those whose aesthetic skews towards minimalism, this watering can is about as perfect as it gets. Entirely transparent and coupled with a striking color detail, it will instantly elevate even the most tired plant corners. 

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Courtesy of moma

Dry Martini Mister, MoMA,


Less watering can and more of mister, this sleek number definitely deserves a spot on our list. Okay sure, it may be meant for coating the inside of martini glasses with spirits but, it can serve the same purpose for your potted greens—specifically, the ones that require only the most subtle spritz of water. And as a bonus, the mister can live on your bar cart and none will be the wiser. 

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Courtesy of AYTM

Vivero Watering Can, AYTM

, $109

File this one under a serious splurge. Leave it to Danish brand AYTM to construct a piece so chic and streamlined we find ourselves wanting it more for a decorative accessory than much else. That being said, we can relish in the fact that this beautifully-crafted option is entirely just as functional as it is stunning. 

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Courtesy of bloem

Bluebonnet Watering Can, Bloem,


Less is more with this take on the outdoor essential, which features a translucent composition and a loop handle which makes for easy watering. The bonus? It’s built to last, courtesy of a durable and UV-protected exterior. 

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Courtesy of urban outfitters

Chinatown Market For UO Watering Can, Urban Outfitters, 


Yet another winner from the Chinatown Market and Urban Outfitters collaboration, this ultra trendy watering can will instantly upgrade your plant corner. Bonus points if you let it double as a vase. 

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Courtesy of ikea

Bittergurka Watering Can, Ikea,


Leave it to Ikea to offer up a style-focused, Scandinavian-inspired watering can at a price that is a serious steal. Comprised of a blush-toned, stainless steel finish and beautifully complemented by the bamboo handle, this one is about as effortlessly chic as it gets. 

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Courtesy of terrain

Haws Watering Gift Set, Terrain

, $118

Brass and blue make for quite a stunning pair and this chic mister and watering can combo is only further proof. Hand-crafted in England, the set includes a galvanized watering can that is finished in a powder-coated shade of vibrant blue and a complementary brass detail.

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Courtesy of anthropologie

Polished Watering Can, Anthropologie

, $28

If simplicity is on the top of your list of criteria, look no further than this streamlined, stainless steel option. Featuring a polished exterior and elegantly refined composition, this watering can is ultra mod and practical.

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Courtesy of Gardman

Hunter Green Galvanized Steel Watering Can, Gardman, 


We have to admit, it was the copper detailing on this one that really captured our eye—coupled with its deep green palette, this watering can channels modern simplicity with a subtle nod to the original concept of the classic piece. 

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Courtesy of cb2

Brass Watering Can, CB2,


Who could’ve guessed that a watering can could look as chic as this? This handmade, brass-plated stainless steel piece proves that form and function can be truly in sync. 

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