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After KonMari-ing your space, you might be reluctant to bring home any new pieces of decor. But not all home accents are made the same, and when you’re decorating with crystals, a few additions to your space can create a surprisingly major change in your environment, both aesthetically and energetically.

“After decluttering, you’ll want to use crystals to bring in new energy,” explains Heather Askinosie, crystal expert, cofounder of Energy Muse, and co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune Into the Real You. “One of the best crystals for that is selenite, which can infuse your space with positivity. If you’re having trouble detaching from some of your old stuff, black kyanite can help you let go of your attachment to the item so you can truly declutter.” Think of them as emotional support as you work your way to a home that truly sparks joy.

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According to Askinosie, the right crystals in the right place can impact your home just as much as a change in wall color or new artwork can by lifting your mood and increasing ambiance. Read on for more of her advice on how these pretty stones can take the energy of your space to the next level.

Crystals Can Impact Your Home’s Ambiance

“Crystals carry a vibration, or frequency, that can amplify the energy that you want to create,” Askinosie explains. “They can create a peaceful, relaxing environment in your bedroom or a cheery and uplifting energy in your living room.”

Now, before you sprinkle your space with pieces of rose quartz, consider exactly how you want each room to feel. You wouldn’t want to make your bedroom feel more energetic when that’s the place you need to fall asleep. Making your living room too calming might put a damper on nights when you host company. “Since each crystal carries a unique energy, you can use specific crystals to create the vibe you desire,” Askinosie adds. “Similar to the way that color schemes can change how a room feels, crystals can shift the ambiance of your home.”

Not All Crystals Are the Same, Though

So you want to add some crystals into your space. That means it’s time to get acquainted with a few go-tos that can create your ideal vibes. Below, Askinosie shares a few of her favorites.

Selenite is a high-vibrational stone that is a powerful energy cleanser. Not only does it have the power to clear your energy field of any built-up emotions from the day, but it also clears away stagnant energy in your home.”

Amethyst is many people’s first crystal, as it has an enticing appearance. It’s a stone of peace and relaxation and it helps you find moments of quiet and calm.

Black tourmaline is a protective stone that shields you from negative and unwanted energy. It’s a must-have stone—both at home and on-the-go—as it keeps you in an energetic bubble of protection.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is a powerful crystal to help with self-love, romantic relationships, friendships, and any other relationship that you want to infuse with loving vibrations. Simply having it nearby fills you and your space with loving energy.

Pyrite is a money stone that increases your feelings of abundance. Its golden shimmer is symbolic of the wealth you want to attract. Pyrite strengthens your personal power and your self-worth to help you go after the financial success you want and deserve.”

Location Is Everything

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Sure, it looks nice to set crystals in aesthetically pleasing areas, but a few specific placements can make a greater impact. Placing selenite under the bed creates soothing energy that promotes restful sleep, black tourmaline outside of your door blocks negative energy from making its way into your home, and pyrite works especially well when placed on top of proposals, business cards, or anything related to finances,” Askinosie explains. When in doubt, though, you can follow your intuition and arrange your crystals in a way that feels right to you.

Admittedly, It’s Not an Instant Fix

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If you’re not fully buying it, it can be helpful to take a step back for perspective. Askinosie notes that crystals are commonly misconstrued as instant, magic tools when that’s simply not the case. “Some people think just having a crystal is going to miraculously change their lives in the snap of a finger,” she says. “If anyone thinks that, they’re going to be disappointed. Working with crystals is like any new program in that it takes time and effort to get results. Crystals are powerful, but they’re really there to empower you to change your life.”

The lesson here? If you’re not already doing the work, a crystal isn’t going to dramatically change anything about your home and life. A little bit of manifestation goes a long way, and when you have a pretty stone helping you along that journey, it can be even more enjoyable.

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