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8 Exceptionally Cozy Beds Made for Your Next Netflix Binge

These are the best beds we found on Pinterest.
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Every fall, there comes a point when our inner homebodies assume total control over our daily lives. For some, it’s the couch potato within that calls them to the living room sofa. For others, it’s the bedroom that commands their attention and time. We’re partial to the latter option, and once the temperatures begin to drop, you can find us happily huddled under a mountainous layer of blankets.

Be it either out of sheer laziness or dislike for the cold, we can think of nothing better than sinking so far beneath the sheets that we never quite feels the need to get out of bed for dinner with friends or, say, take a much-needed shower. In celebration of the impending hibernation season, we took to Pinterest in search of the coziest beds the internet has to offer. And while nothing quite compares to laying down IRL, these dreamy spaces have us fully ready for colder weather and lazy days in.

Here are eight anything-but-sleepy sanctuaries that were seemingly designed for the sweetest of slumbers.

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to achieve understated glamour, the above photo is a clue. Backed by a rustic faux headboard composed of two broken windows and starring the ultimate autumnal palette, this serene dwelling exudes casual elegance. We’re especially loving the luxe velvet details and rich mix of rusty oranges, deep taupes, and soft grays.

We’ll never turn down a peachy pink color story, especially when it comes in the form of a plush pile of throw pillows. Cool, tonal, and perfectly imperfect, the magic of this velvety soft collection lies in how it plays off its whitewashed surroundings. While heaping your favorite pillows at the top of your bed and hoping for the best is never a guaranteed win, here, said spontaneous strategy gets the job done.

Sometimes, the greatest slumber comes in the smallest packages. If we had to downsize to a twin bed, this teeny haven would certainly have our heart. Topped with minimal geometric motifs (note how the abstract blocks and lines travel from the head of the bed to the bottom quilt, unifying the corner) and bursts of gold, this super comfy concoction makes a stylish case for sleeping small.

Here, elegance isn’t reserved only for the surrounding furnishings, but is instead brought directly to the bed itself. Existing somewhere between cabin-chic and elevated mid-century, this dramatic arrangement quite literally brings the word “cozy” to life with its warm caramel tones and furry adornments.

When a bed can seemingly double as its own private universe, you know you’ve done something right. Tucked within the world of its cave-like corner and enveloped by a sea of deep bohemian blues, it’d be easy to get lost in dreams of celestial forces and otherworldly powers in this partially covered dwelling.

Never underestimate the power of an exquisitely styled daybed. Whether used for sleep or as a bonus seating option in the living room, this chic crash pad is a lesson in sophisticated lounging. The secret? The beautifully embroidered pillows, which lend a cushy border, and the pairing of muted green, cream, and deep red defy every tired decorating rule we’ve ever heard about styling a twin bed.  

There’s something about the feeling of swimming in an ocean of excess fabric that brings us so much joy come winter. Alone, this oh-so-cozy comforter situation is bewitching in the best way possible. Add in the fact that this oasis is situated in a tiny house and you’ve got yourself the ultimate #BedroomGoals.

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Sara Carson lives in an NYC apartment that’s the picture of edgy femininity. Based on a complex arrangement of storied prints, sculptural forms, and modern hues, her bedroom quite effortlessly sums up everything we want in a place of slumber. Although her impeccably executed bed tends toward the neater side of the spectrum, the careful layering and fusion of pattern and color makes this noteworthy space all the more inviting.  

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