Published on June 26, 2020

There are few weekend activities quite as satisfying in their simplicity as a get-together in the park. Friends or family members gather to enjoy the warm weather, the smell of fresh air, and the company of their loved ones—but admittedly those couple hours outdoors can be made even better with some good lawn games. 

This summer undoubtedly looks a bit different from past ones—you might have had to cancel that vacation you were looking toward, or trips to the amusement park with your kids might be out of the question. But you can still make your own fun, whether you’re throwing it back to your high school gym class with a game of badminton or embracing your artistic side with some chalk. These five park-friendly games are easy to pack up and bring to your next outdoor gathering, no matter what your age.

If You Have a Competitive Streak

No net, no problem: Stand far apart from your partner (at least six feet, for both safety and optimal game play) and see how long you can bat the birdie back and forth. Best two out of three wins.

If You’re Feeling Creative

Create a pattern on the sidewalk with chalk—you might just come up with an idea that inspires that mural wall you’ve been thinking about painting in your home.

If You Want a Good Workout

A custom-made jump rope doesn’t just double as decoration when it’s not in use, it also makes getting outside and moving way more tempting, whether you’re going solo or with friends.

If You Play by the Rules

For the one friend who always makes sure to read a board game’s rules before getting started, croquet is the perfect outdoor activity. Sure, it requires a bit more setup and space than other alternatives, but the satisfaction you’ll get from a winning stroke is well worth it.

If You Live on the Edge

A good game of Jenga can add some much-needed drama to an otherwise chill day. This colorful set is easily packable, so you can bring it along on your picnic.

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