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Lusting after lucite tables on Pinterest? So are we. Here are just a few reasons to upgrade your living room with the choice that’s clearly a winner.

[Updated June 14 2017]

Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT Photography by Liz Dvorkina

Busy decor scheme? Offset the look with a

clear coffee table

, which will remain low-key yet functional.

Photography by ADRIAN GAUT Photography by Jennifer Hughes

We’re all for mixing and matching aesthetics, especially when they’re as distinctive as the materials of this ultra chic coffee table.

Photography by SHELTER INTERIOR DESIGN Photography by Zio & Sons Creative

Look for a table with a sculptural base and glass top for an eclectic addition. Keep tabletop decor minimal to aim the focus on the base. We love the amazing wood on this one!

Photography by DOMAINE HOME Photography by Zio & Sons Creative

A dark, plush couch goes magically well with a clean glass table. Opposites attract, right?

Photography by THIS IS GLAMOROUS Photography by David Papazian/Getty Images

The combination of framed artwork, monochromatic furniture, and a sleek glass table immediately looks artistic. A

clear table

won’t take attention away from what you’re displaying on the walls.

Photography by ELINA DAHL

Just because your table is glass doesn’t mean you have to go modern with the decor. The mint green metal frame on this one feels old, yet still looks streamlined.

Photography by SARA RUSSELL INTERIORS Photography by Mint Images/Getty Images

Don’t add a heavy wooden coffee table to an already dark room. Instead, lighten up the space with thin glass table. The result is unexpectedly glamorous.

Photography by THE EVERYGIRL Photography by Jessica Alexander; Design by Allprace Homes; Staging by a1000xbetter

Let a clear coffee table be the blank background for pretty candles, magazines, souvenirs, or flowers to take center stage.

Photography by THE LO DOWN

Hiding cute poufs under a clear coffee table is a great way to maximize space. Not only can poufs easily add color and interest to the space, they also offer extra seating for guests.


If you already have color and patterns in your couch, pillows, rug, and display items, it’s a great idea to consider a clear table. It will put the focus on the statement pieces you already have and won’t add any extra visual clutter.

Photography by DECOR PAD

This retro-inspired room stays modern with the acrylic coffee table.

Photography by MISS DESIGN

A lucite table automatically highlights whatever you place on top. Curate a select stack of books that inspire you, and set them out for guests to flip through.

Photography by WISTERIA

Put large baskets under a simple lucite table for easy, organized storage. Baskets with tops are great for hiding clutter, or leave the basket open and fold soft throw blankets inside.

Photography by ONE KINGS LANE

Use an acrylic trunk as a coffee table and fill it with something you want to display–cool books, stacks of magazines, or even pieces of wood.


Similarly, rooms full of masculine pieces like leather, dark wood, and low lighting pair incredibly well with a light, simple coffee table.

Photography by ONTRUS

If you love your rug, don’t cover it with a boring table! Keep the focus on your favorite piece with a glass table that won’t interrupt the view.

Photography by THE EVERYGIRL

The best thing about a clear table? They’re timeless. As your style evolves, your glass or acrylic table can adapt to any other decor you mix with it.