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Anyone who has ever had to blow up an air mattress knows that waiting for the bed to inflate can feel like an eternity—and the result is far from the most comfortable thing in the world. The best alternative is to invest in a sleeper sofa, but we have to admit that finding a pull-out couch that doesn’t look like it belongs in a motel bedroom is a full-time job in and of itself. You shouldn’t have to choose between your visitors getting a good night’s sleep and the sofa of your dreams—and, fortunately, you no longer have to. 

Flat-back furniture brand Burrow just launched a genius bedding set called the Sleep Kit, which consists of everything you need to transform your existing sofa into a bona fide guest bed. There’s a memory foam pad to lay on top of the seat cushion, a cotton sheet set (with a cell phone pocket!), a pillow, a comforter, and an eye mask, all conveniently rolled up into one drawstring bag. 

We tested the Sleep Kit ourselves and were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to unpack (it took all of 10 seconds to get everything out and in place). The foam topper, comforter, and pillow unravel together pretty seamlessly. Tip: Before you lay down the fitted sheet, remove the back cushions on your sofa. It will make it easier to tuck the edges in and give you more room to spread out. Our biggest concern was stuffing everything back in the bag, but it turns out, there’s no stuffing involved at all. An elastic sleeve attached to the back of the foam topper makes it a total breeze to tuck everything away. The only caveat: The topper is designed to fit a sofa that is 76 inches long, so a tiny love seat won’t be up to the task. 

sofa with fitted sheet and pillow layed out
Sleep Kit, Burrow ($350)

The kit retails for $350 on its own (or $300 if you buy it in a bundle with one of Burrow’s Nomad sofas), but when you consider the alternatives—splurging on a sleeper sofa that you only half like or that bulky, too-firm blow-up mattress—the pros definitely outweigh the cost. 

Trust us: This is one decision your guests (and living room) will thank you for later. 

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