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Sleeping used to be something I’d do for comfort. But as I creep toward 40, lying on my stomach has become the only way I can drift off—but also an increasingly agonizing position come morning. Okay, I’ll just say it: When I wake up after lying on my stomach, my lower back feels as though it’s been set on fire. 

Years ago, a friend recommended a body pillow as a way to ease into side sleeping, which would help with the lower-back problem, but, um, have you ever seen an attractive body pillow? Lumbar pillows try, but they’re not nearly long enough for my almost-6-foot frame.

Courtesy of Buffy

So when I stumbled upon the wormlike Buffy Wiggle pillow, I knew I had to get one in my bed and between my arms—fast. Unlike most flat body pillows, which just look like extensions of a boring standard version, the Wiggle is a long tube covered in a cozy-soft faux shearling exterior (it comes in three varying shades of a toasty brown, neutral cream, and pinky coral) that can be removed and thrown in the washing machine. The thing is massive, and at almost 7 feet, it’s longer than the width of my queen-size mattress. At night I use it to cradle my head, and there’s still plenty of room left over for me to wrap my entire body around the rest.

Sure, the Wiggle’s body isn’t that far off from those popular U-shaped pregnancy pillows, but because it’s flexible and floppy, you can tie it up into a trendy knot in the morning and no one will be the wiser that it’s your nighttime snuggle buddy. Plus it and a matching cover—also available in linen—are both 20% off right now during the brand’s Presidents’ Day sale. So you can save anywhere from $15 to $21 on the pair.

After using it for two weeks, my lower back started to feel, well, like nothing. My sleep is sound, and my mornings are more energetic. And thanks to its chic shape and feel, when people ask me why I look so well rested, I can say without a dose of irony: I woke up like this. 

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