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Before drifting off to sleep, unwinding in your pajamas curled up on a bed is debatably the greatest part of the night. But one unexpected (and shapely) bed addition built for comfort could make that time even better: We’re talking about body pillows.

Soft and supportive, the best body pillows offer equal parts function and style. The original intent of a body pillow was to align the spine and encourage side sleeping (widely considered to be the best sleeping position for the body), and while that still holds true, a body pillow can also just be a bedding accessory. We chatted with a few designers to confirm that it can make a bed look complete.

Interior designer Hema Persad stands by the fact that the right long body pillow is the perfect complement to a group of throw pillows. “Just add it to the front of your pillow arrangement like a lumbar. Or use it by itself for a minimalist look,” she says.

As the most versatile pillow type we’ve ever met, look to our picks of the best body pillows, below, and earmark your must-have one.

Our Favorites

Best Shape: Coyuchi Organic Latex Body Pillow


Material: Sateen | Fill: GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex | Dimensions: 68-by-7.5 inches | Removable cover: Yes 

What we like:

  • Made of organic materials, inside and out
  • The natural latex is biodegradable
  • Great size and squeezable

Worth noting:

  • Best for side sleepers—if you’re a stomach or back sleeper, this wouldn’t be a good fit

Why we chose it: U-shaped body pillows are known for their support, but we also just love the look of its arch silhouette on a bed.

This pick basically has it all: Organic materials that are better for your body and for the environment. With latex that’s made naturally, you won’t have to deal with that chemical, off-gassing smell, and it’s great for those with allergies to mold, mildew, and dust mites since latex has the ability to fend them off. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll sleep in the middle of the U, which, by way of its shape, will have you feeling secure and cradled as you drift off to sleep. 

Best Adjustable: Coop Original Body Pillow

Coop Domino

Material: Bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester blend | Fill: Memory foam and microfiber fill | Dimensions: 20-by-54 inches  | Removable cover: Yes

What we like:

  • Cover is made of an eco-friendly, bamboo-derived mix of rayon and polyester
  • Machine washable cover
  • Adjustable for your comfort

Worth noting:

  • The medium-firm memory foam may be too firm for some

Why we chose it: Coop is one of the most innovative bedding brands around, widely adored for its adjustable pillows, including this body pillow.

In an ideal world, all pillows would be adjustable to accommodate your need for the day. Coop’s body pillow embodies that comfort fantasy with its dual-case system, where you can add or take out memory foam fill from its inner case for your preferred comfort level. That is then covered up by another case, which keeps the fill secure. If this body pillow will be used throughout a pregnancy, the adjustability can work with whatever type of support you’re after, and you (and baby) can rest easy knowing that it’s made with organic, chemical-free materials. 

Best Linen: Burke Decor Logan Body Pillow


Material: 100 percent linen | Fill: N/A | Dimensions: 18-by-60 inches | Removable cover: Yes  

What we like:

  • Insert included
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine washable cover

Worth noting:

  • Linen can wrinkle easily, and you may have to iron the cover

Why we chose it: Linen is a timeless material that goes with a variety of decor styles, so this can look good on any bed.

Maybe you’re after a body pillow that you can unwind with —but more important it has to look good on your bed. This one from Burke Decor fits the bill with its heathered, almost striped linen appearance and softly frayed edging. Neutral enough, this can be the baseline for your bed’s decor, and updating your bedroom look will be as easy as swapping throw pillows around it, with this trusty body pillow there to stay by your side. 

Best Eco-Friendly: Buffy Cloud Body Pillow


Material: Lyocell | Fill: Soft recycled plastic | Dimensions: 20-by-54 inches | Removable cover: Does not come with cover  

What we like:

  • Made of incredibly soft and planet-friendly Tencel
  • Allergy-free 
  • Will be oh-so smooth and silky against skin

Worth noting:

  • Dry-clean only
  • Requires separate pillow cover

Why we chose it: Buffy is a cult brand that’s huge on quality, and this body pillow also happens to help the planet in a big way.

Believe it or not, there are 73 plastic bottles contained in this oh-so-surprisingly soft body pillow. We love a fully recycled product approved by the Global Recycled Standard and, of course, that this snuggle companion is BPA-free (yes, the same stuff you do have to worry about in water bottles can transfer over to some body pillows out there). And its material, rendered in top-to-bottom Lyocell fiber, feels smooth against the skin (you may even nix getting a pillow cover altogether), so it absorbs moisture well (much better than cotton!), which will come as a relief to hot sleepers.

Best for Coziness: Sunday Citizen Snug Body Pillow


Material: 100 percent Microfiber | Fill: Memory foam | Dimensions: 14-by-48 inches | Removable cover: Yes

What we like:

  • Incredibly soft, it’s like hugging an oversize stuffed animal
  • Comes in tons of color choices
  • Machine washable cover

Worth noting:

  • Extra-long length may be too much for short sleepers
  • Can’t be bleached

Why we chose it: While you may never part with your teddy bear, this body pillow can be a close second.

At the end of the day, a body pillow is something you should want to snuggle with. If you’re a person who has to hold onto something in order to get some shut-eye, instead of making a case for why Mr. Bear is stylish enough to stick around, “add to cart” on this incredibly soft and fuzzy pillow confidant. That microfiber will feel comfy and cozy at night, and in the daytime, it’ll be the pop you need atop your duvet, in a choice of nine colors. We’re partial to the sienna for an on-trend rust touch to bring warmth where you sleep. 

How We Chose These Products

Body pillows get thrown around, laid on, rolled onto, and so on, thus higher-quality materials were at the top of our list when we started sifting through our options on the market. We looked to brands we already love in other categories, including bedding. Eco-friendliness was another factor, and we were pleased to find that many of these body pillows are also kind to the planet.

Our Shopping Checklist

Shape and Size

It’s best to shop for a body pillow that reflects your height so that you’re not overwhelmed by the size of it while trying to sleep. Also if you’re in a smaller bed, such as a queen, full, or twin, a huge, overstuffed body pillow may be a bit too much. If you’re pregnant and searching for a supportive body pillow that you can use long after your baby is grown, a U-shape can show up with the support you need now and then. As Giovanna Campagna, founder of Joaquina Botánica, previously told us, “You accumulate so much stuff in the baby phase, that I especially value objects that are multipurpose.”

Filling and Firmness

Some body pillows, like our Coop pick, are adjustable, which means you can customize it to your particular comfort level and need for support. It will come with fill, and you’ll stuff it to your preference, trying it as you go and either taking away or adding fill as needed. The benefit is that if you’d like more or less later, you’ll have the option to add to it or take some out. If the body pillow is stuffed with memory foam fill, pay attention to the firmness level. For example, the Coop body pillow is described as having medium-firm memory foam inside. Think of it as a mini memory foam mattress, which also has similar firmness levels, from extra-soft to medium-firm. 

Cover Material 

Body pillows come in plenty of different cover materials these days, and many are eco-friendly. While something like sateen or rayon is unbelievably soft, others, such as linen, may not have that soft-to-the-touch feel that you’re searching for, but they bring texture. If this is a priority, be sure to check if your cover is machine washable in the product description or on the body pillow tag.

Ask Domino

Q: Why should you go for a body pillow over a regular or throw pillow? 

While a regular pillow is where you rest your head and a throw pillow is meant for decor, a body pillow has its own practical function. Not only does it add a stylish touch to your bed, it can give added support to your body as you sleep. Body pillows are often recommended to pregnant women who need a place to rest their growing belly, but everyone else can benefit from a body pillow’s ability to encourage good spinal alignment and promote side sleeping.

Q: Body pillows take up a lot of bed real estate! How do I style one when not in use?

The nice thing about body pillows is that they’re functional items to sleep with and they’ll add some visual appeal to your bed. Specifically, they can bring dimension and texture. Kristin Bartone, creative director of Bartone Interiors, says that body pillows bring a large-scale accent to a bed that can unify the design of an entire sleeping space. And designer Ria DaCosta of Aspen & Ivy is convinced that body pillows can add dimension and layering to any bed.

“Body pillows introduce a new shape, differing in length and height from the other, taller square pillows you typically find on a bed, which allows them to offer variety and dimension,” says DaCosta. “And the possibilities are endless when it comes to body pillow covers—play around with patterns, colors, and texture to add even more interest.”

A body pillow can definitely complement throw pillows and you don’t need to replace them altogether. Including a variety of shapes can be great for styling, not to mention make your bed setup even more comfortable.

Designer Samantha Tannehill says, “The body pillow is a large, long pillow, so adding this in front of your bed pillows and Euro pillows and behind some throw pillows really gives depth and a feeling of a cozy bed that you just want to snuggle in.”

Q: My body pillow is ready for a deep clean. How do I properly wash it?

Luckily, most body pillows come with detailed care instructions, either in the product listing or on the tag. If washability is important to you, prioritize ones with a removable cover that can be taken off and washed. How you wash it depends on the materials. Most body pillow materials, like sateen and microfiber, require cold water, a gentle wash cycle, and a tumble dry on low. If your body pillow doesn’t have a removable cover or if you simply want to deep-clean the one you have, taking it to the dry cleaner is your best bet.

The Last Word

A body pillow achieves a happy medium between its decorative purpose and functional practicality. As you level up your sleep sanctuary, it is the cherry on top of your bed and can help you get extra-comfortable so you can finally catch some shut-eye.