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In spaces large and small, black can feel like an intimidating hue for home furnishings and decor, but in practice, it can add depth, texture, and intrigue in the most unlikely ways. The dark hue is the perfect choice for statement pieces and staples alike, as it meshes with virtually every color palette and style, so long as you carefully select the right items. And you don’t have to worry about going full-Addams Family—it’s totally possible to add some black to your space sans risking a gothic feel. Need some convincing? Try out these pieces below. 

Ume Studio Cast Concrete Bowls, Spartan Shop, $125

Hand-cast in concrete, these organically shaped bowls make for the perfect wabi-sabi accent: They’re designed so that their edges crack naturally, resulting in a one-of-a-kind appearance. Use them as a dish for knick-knacks, or play up their unique finish by filling them with a complementary touch, like an assortment of crystals or flowers.

Loop Chair, Front, $450

With an abstract looping backrest, this chair is fun and functional. Plus, it won’t make you feel pressured to sit with perfect posture. Designers Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, of Swedish design group Front, explain that they wanted to “create a seat that does not impose a single position but allows the body to find the ideal one.”

20″ Jersey Black Interknit Pillow With Feather-Down Insert, CB2, $80

You don’t need pattern or color to create dimension, and this jersey knit pillow is proof. Its almost bulbous cross-hatching creates a whimsical finish, but an all-black color scheme keeps it sleek.

Nesti Pendant, Structube $69

A nest of fine black iron goes a long way to transform a simple pendant light into a living room focal point. When paired with an Edison light bulb, it illuminates and adds drama.

Pepe Marble Mirror, Menu & Studio Pepe, $450

Constructed out of marble and brass, this investment piece pays homage to Italian modernism, but its simple, elevated design makes it timeless. Designers Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pint make a point of using only the best materials to craft an item that can be admired for decades to come.

Doodle Placemat, MoMA Design Store $15,

Inspired by “the scribbles that are often the starting point of great ideas,” this placemat by Tokyo based design brand YOY is well suited to sit atop a dining table or desk. The simple, line-based design easily adds interest to an otherwise plain surface

Go Undercover Blanket Lovely Lotus, Huset, $121

This Stockholm-designed throw showcases one of the things that make Scandinavian aesthetics so covetable: it has punchy, yet simple graphics that can work as a statement in a minimalist space or an easy choice for a more maximalist room. A simple brown hem also gives it an unexpected touch that pulls it all together.

Rattan Magazine Rack, Zara Home, $100

This Art Deco-take on the rattan trend makes for a surprisingly elegant and functional accent piece. With a weather-worn appearance, the spokes of this magazine rack have a vintage look, but the sturdiness of a brand-new investment.

Metal Candlestick, H&M, $18

With its super-simple metal design, this candelabra is a convincing reason to run out and buy some taper candles for a decidedly contemporary (and not gothic!) centerpiece.

Black Malawi Chair, Home Stories, $620

Handwoven in Malawi out of prairie grass and gum tree wood, this elaborate chair is a masterful example of artisanry. Its curved back and intricate weaving create a totally refined version of a home staple.

Etch Tealight Holder, Tom Dixon, $65

Covered in a spackling of multi-sized circles, this geometric steel structure works magic with shadows and light. Even when it doesn’t contain a candle, it stands out as a simultaneously delicate and sturdy accent.

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