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Extra-special decorative objects make it extremely convincing to favor form over function. But everything is not as it seems, and you don’t have to choose one over the other. With the right multi-functional decor, you can add visual interest to your space all the while mixing in discreet storage, lighting, and ambient solutions. Consider these accents ahead a secret weapon for giving your interiors elevated updates, which also happen to be totally practical. 

Mirror Light, Design by DOG, $326

This abstract pendant lamp makes for a dramatic focal point, as it squiggles through vertical space. With a double-mirrored surface, it works to open up even the smallest interior. Consider this a bold alternative to a simple wall mirror, that will also bring light into your room.

Menu Fuwl Cage Shelf, Huset Shop, $120

This shelf-bin hybrid essentially does all the work of a storage crate, with the added bonus of sleek, Scandinavian design. It functions as both a wall accent and a place to stash scarves, hats, and other miscellaneous items, making your entryway neater and refined.

HAY Iso Hook Set, Huset Shop, $29

When arranged thoughtfully, these geometric wall hooks have their own visual appeal, while also retaining, of course, their core function of organization. Treat them like decorative objects and don’t hide them—instead, use them as a spot to sling bags, umbrellas, keys, and other essentials that won’t diminish their playful design.

Anywhere Vases Poketo, $38

Although these flat, colorful designs may not be multifunctional by themselves, they have the power of easily transforming jars, glasses, and even mugs into stem vases in an instant. The result is a super-minimal arrangement made from objects that don’t take up any extra storage space when you don’t happen to have some fresh buds on hand.

Ambienta Table Lamp, MoMA Design Store, $270

With its quirky mid-century design, this table lamp, designed by French designer and architect Daniel Pouzet, radiates, bright clean light. It looks striking on its own, but even better when used as a planter. Its hydroponic technology and LED lights help plants thrive—making it super-easy to get a green thumb without even going outside.

Xezette Side Table With Magazine Rack, AHA Life, $850

Constructed out of marble in Turkey, this side table is a soothing sight. With a simple, cross-legged structure and a sturdy ledge for magazine storage, it’s a refined version of a room staple that offers double convenience.

Juicer, Elinor Portnoy, $450

These multicolored sculptures appear to be just that—entirely decorative—until you pair them with an orange, lemon, or lime in need of a good juicing. Made of glass and featuring jewel-cut tips, these juicers present form and function in surprising duality.

Side Table Stool, Studio Dos Santos, $295

Made out of a single sheet of recycled felt, this end table-ottoman hybrid revels in its simplicity. Its side pockets grant it space for stashing magazines, without adding any unsightly bulk, while its defined folds and edges give it an architectural appeal.

Juarez Violet Key and Letter Holder, Maison Numen, $130

Inspired by ironwork traditionally found in Mexico City’s Juárez neighborhood, this wire-woven organizer can be hung on a wall or set atop a side table as a place to stash mail, extra cash, keys, and more. The steel structure stands out with its dynamic, line-based design, making it a great functional (yet aesthetically pleasing) object.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Speaker, MoMA Design Store, $5,000

Although it’s certainly an investment piece, this speaker, which features a design by David Lynch, provides an added bonus with its Bluetooth technology. You won’t just be acquiring an eye-catching art object—you’ll also get a totally unique way to fill your space with the sounds of your favorite playlist.