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Buffy, the natural home goods brand, is celebrating Earth Day by releasing its second product, The Breeze, a 100 percent plant-based comforter. The direct-to-consumer brand that you probably know from Instagram made a splash when it launched in 2017 with The Cloud, a comforter featuring an outer shell of eucalyptus fibers and an inner fill of recycled bottles.

I sat down with Leo Wang, founder of Buffy, ahead of the launch to get details on what makes this new comforter different, why it’s important to prioritize shopping sustainably, and more. Oh yeah, and I got to take the new model for a test-drive — aka sleep with it for two weeks. Here’s what I learned.

This One’s All Eucalyptus

Buffy is focused on finding environmental solutions that are just as comfortable (and even more durable) than the “fast-fashion” home decor we’ve all become accustomed to. That’s why for The Breeze it was important for Wang to design a product that is 100 percent plant-based. It’s compostable, biodegradable, and made purely from eucalyptus, which means it’s healthy for you, and if for whatever reason, you ever need to throw it away, you can do so guilt-free.

It Features Smarter Design

I know you’re wondering… how do you make a eucalyptus tree into a comforter? Wood pulp from sustainably grown trees, of course, is turned into fluffy fibers for the inside and woven into fibers, fabrics, and strings that make the outer shell. The design of the shell is important from both a visual and practical standpoint. You know when your comforter bunches up because all the fill moves around and you’re left with a lumpy mess? That doesn’t happen with The Breeze. There’s wave-like stitching sewn into the comforter so everything stays in place while looking visually pleasing.

Why It Matters

Shopping sustainably is getting easier and easier, thanks to companies like Buffy. Every choice we make and every item we bring into our home impacts both the planet and our own health. Disruptors, like Avocado Mattress, with its nontoxic mattresses, as well as naturally dyed and formaldehyde-free sheet sets from a number of sleep-focused startups, in addition to our obsession with plants and healthy air point back to a larger trend: creating a healthy environment in our homes. It’ll cost you, though. The price of The Breeze ranges from $170 to $250, which is an investment.

So Does This Comforter Really Promote Better Sleep?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: The comforter was designed to be more breathable after feedback from customers. To me, the comforter has the feel of a weighted blanket. Maybe that’s just because my last duvet insert was cheap and flimsy, but upgrading to a quality comforter has made an impact on how well I sleep. And you don’t necessarily have to take my word for it because Buffy has a program where you can try before you buy.

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