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Graduating from a tiny—and possibly shared—bathroom to a larger, more luxurious space is a BIG deal. Comparing rental showers to chic, clawfoot tubs is like comparing night and day. So in the spirit of #homegoals, we rounded up the biggest, most beautiful bathrooms we could find.

Having enough room to comfortably fit an accent chair next to the tub is our new bathroom design ideal.

Okay, so this is basically a lounge area… And we’re not one bit mad about it. (Plus, hello natural light!)

Same goes for this fireplace. This bathroom looks larger than some studio apartments!

We adore the mix of rustic and modern design in this comfortably spacious bathroom.

We’re ninety-nine percent sure we’ll see this vanity in our dreams tonight.

Everything about this bathroom looks luxurious, from the geometric marble floor to the fuzzy bench floating in the middle of the room.

If your bathroom is big enough to fit a (stunning vintage) linen cabinet, pat yourself on the back. You’ve officially made it.

We’ll take our tub on a raised platform, thank you. No partitions required.

This very slanted, very high ceiling creates the illusion of unlimited space. Add fogged glass windows, open showers, and sophisticated lighting, and you’ve got it ALL.

A recurring theme: We want seating in the bathroom. Practical? Not really. Luxurious? Absolutely.

If you have enough room to comfortably lay down on your bathroom floor, we’d say it’s definitely large enough.

This bathroom looks like it never ends… Probably because it doesn’t. Use this as a lesson in using a more open floor plan to your advantage.

Choose paints and surfaces with a high shine if you’re lucky enough to have lots of natural light. The reflections will hopefully look a little something like this.

High ceilings and shiplap? Practically perfect, if you ask us.

Go the eclectic route and invest in a bold-hued statement chandelier (this one is from Urban Outfitters!). Pair with floor-to-ceiling windows, a vintage rug, printed divider, and you’ll be good to go.

We’re actually head over heels in love with this

minimalist bathroom

. The color blocking of the patterned tile, sleek wood, white-painted walls, and a statement cement wall emphasizes the high ceilings.

We can only imagine what the inside of that shower looks like. (We hope it’s black tile!)

Luxury is having room for an indoor and outdoor shower.

This epic wall is really making us resent our sad, tiny shower situations.