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Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Now this is a story all about how…
a monochromatic kitchen can be eye-catching. Glass-paned upper cabinets continue to be a sought-after style, especially paired with open shelving. This neutral palette had stood the style test of time, but we’re not so sure about the tracksuits.

Gossip Girl

With a last name like Waldorf, are we really surprised that this kitchen is anything but drool-worthy? From the high-end stainless steel appliances and marble countertops to the slick brass cookware, we’d happily accept a dinner invite to this Upper East Side dwelling.

Brady Bunch

Retro yet refined, groovy yet gracious, the Brady’s kitchen reminds us of a bygone era, which is one of the reasons why it tops our list. Plus, we’d pay big money to get our hands on those molded mint kitchen chairs.

House Of Cards

Revenge is a meal that’s best served cold, so it’s no wonder Frank and Claire Underwood have the darkest kitchen of them all. The pendant lights and all-white cabinetry also get our vote.

Mad Men

Don & Betty’s midcentury design is exactly how we’d design the rustic kitchen of our dreams, complete with knotty pine cabinets and plaid wallpaper. In the meantime, we’d be happy to just sit there with a post-work martini.


This kitchen is even grander than Emily’s scheming—and that’s saying something. The black paned windows are a great way to separate rooms within an open floor plan. It’s easy to add luxe touches to your own space with gold light fixtures and pieces of art on open shelves.

New Girl

Sometimes it’s hard to meld styles when you live in a loft with multiple friends, but this kitchen is filled with fun but functional pieces that are ideal for post-college housing. The all-stainless island and eclectic stools are the perfect pieces for an industrial style space.

The OC

Here’s to the Cohens. Who could forget the sunlit, gourmet kitchen that Kirsten never used? It set the scene for Seth and Ryan’s talks over cereal, Christmakkuh mornings, and Sandy’s unyielding advice.


Why can’t all bachelor pads look this good? Take a decorating tip from Jerry: a

monochromatic palette

, like his all-gray space, is an easy way to keep a tiny kitchen looking streamlined and sleek. The glass cabinet facades stop the space from feeling cramped.

Full House

This was the heart of the Tanner household. Though Danny’s commitment to cleanliness could have been one reason why the kitchen always looked so good, we think the personal touches of artwork and family mementos is what elevated this San Francisco space.


Monica may have been solely responsible for the shabby chic movement. She wasn’t afraid to make bold decisions in the kitchen with turquoise cabinets,

mismatched chairs

and crammed open shelves that remind us it isn’t just a chic kitchen, but a cook’s kitchen too.

Modern Family

When you’ve got a bustling household like Claire and Phil’s, practicality needs to be a top design principle. This modern kitchen showcases the classic triangle layout with a cooking, prep and dining area in one modern California space.

American Horror Story

Even the idea of eating inside the Murder House doesn’t stop us from wanting to have a cup of coffee at that giant marble island. Black and white tiled floors and dark woods are modern approaches to traditional designs that look best in houses with history.