6 things we want to steal from olivia pope’s apartment

Prepare for some serious apartment envy.

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It’s an understatement to say we have major envy of Olivia Pope, the star of ABC’s smash hit drama Scandal. She has both a wardrobe that’s to die for and the president of the United States vying for her love. Are you feeling the envy, too? No? Wait until you see her Washington D.C. pad… We know we can’t live there, but with an apartment this good looking, we’d be happy just stealing an item (or six) for our own space.

wine glasses

As far as we know, Olivia Pope only consumes popcorn and red wine. But can you really blame her? As the best Washington D.C. fixer who happens to have a relationship with the President of the United States, it’s a wonder she’s eating or drinking anything at all. That’s why we’re in love with her red wine glasses. If we could steal these, we’d toast to Olivia Pope and her career.

bronzed coffee table

When you indulge in a large bowl of popcorn and a 23-ounce glass of red wine, an oversized coffee table is not only desired but also necessary. Pope’s bronzed coffee table is not only equipped to hold her most important meal and drink of the day, but it is also extremely stylish.

grand piano

Though we’ve never seen Olivia play, her piano adds a sense of normalcy to her life and a touch of elegance to her space. Surely, her grand piano proves that she lives in a space fit for D.C. royalty.

bone-inlay mirror

Just like her wardrobe, Olivia’s apartment is minimal and classic. Unique touches like her dining room’s bone-inlay mirror create focal points in her apartment and simultaneously pull the entire space together. If we could have a conversation with Olivia, we’d ask her where she scored a statement piece this good (after getting the low-down on Fitz and Jake, of course).


It’s the site of many intense phone calls with POTUS, but it is also the most welcoming and comfortable space in Olivia’s apartment. With its warm and romantic feel, it’s the perfect contrast to the apartment’s sleek stainless steel appliances. We can only imagine setting down on her couch after a hard day’s work on her gorgeous couch.


We already know that Olivia Pope is well-cultured, and after seeing her bookshelf, there is no doubt about it. Her X bookshelf has inspired us to display our own knickknacks on a bookshelf of our own. We’d just love it if that bookshelf happened to be the same one as Olivia’s.