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Hollywood knows how to do it all, from special effects to tear-jerking plots, but it’s time to give it up for the movies we’d actually want to live in. And the nominees for best interiors are…

the holiday

Both stars (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) have pretty sweet pre-AirBNB pads, but the English cottage with the tiny bathroom still makes us swoon.


Amélie’s Parisian abode was quaint and modest, while still being slightly unattainable (hello, animated lamps and portraits). We pinned that bedroom wallpaper long ago and haven’t given up the dream…

eat pray love

This Bali bungalow would make us fall in love too! (Javier Bardem ain’t bad either.)

the royal tenenbaums

People have been illustrating and visiting the huge Tenenbaum house for the past 15 years since the Wes Anderson classic first came out. There’s just something about a family home that set a new mental benchmark for us all…

because i said so

Despite its negative reviews, this film is nice to look at. Diane Keaton’s and Mandy Moore’s homes are spacious, eclectic, and stylishly lived-in.

sex and the city

Yes, Carrie’s iconic apartment is now covered in bold blue walls, but it only makes the space more enviable.

the intern

Jules’ gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone is enough to make us all want to head across the bridge and settle in.

breakfast at tiffany’s

Holly Golightly’s simple but flirty pad has come to mind at least once for any single gal moving into her own place in the city.

500 days of summer

When Summer finally lets Tom see her beautiful, toile-decked pad, we all fell in love with her space (while he fell hard for her).

the graduate

The chic 1960s bar, the giant plants in the window, the seduction… yes, we’re still talking about the interiors.


Who didn’t want to live in this 1990s Beverly Hills mansion, with the perfect staircase for welcoming first dates (and kisses)?

it’s complicated

A Nancy Meyers home is always a stylish one, but the kitchen in this Meryl Streep flick makes us swell with jealousy. Oh, to bake in that heavenly oven!

mamma mia

Yes, the Greek exteriors of this movie were gorgeous, but the Villa Donna was also spectacular (despite being a little run-down).

kill bill

When Beatrix finally arrives at Bill’s pad, she had to be at least slightly annoyed at how sweet his digs were.

ex machina

Yes, this home belongs to a maniac, but the sleek architecture and interiors of this pad made us want to strike it tech-rich too.