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13 Fireplace-Scented Candles That Look as Great as They Smell

These candles are the fragrance equivalent of cozy pajamas.

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Urban living is fantastic for many reasons, but a fireplace is rarely one of them. City apartments outfitted with them are rare jewels, mostly because of the real estate they take up in a small space. In fact, installing a wood-burning fireplace is not even permissible under New York City Building Code as of 2014. So if you don’t use “winter” as a verb yet, but you have aspirations to mimic eau de ski chalet, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best firewood-scented candles, sparking next-level #hyggegoals.

Le Labo Cade 26, $90

Le Labo created  this scent expressly for Ian Schrager’s Gramercy Park Hotel. The heady blend of leather and woodsy notes will up the cozy quotient at your pied a terre.


Campfire Rebel, $45

Burning oud wood and vanilla-tinged bourbon give this customizable candle an eau d’adventure. Light it up and pretend you’re enjoying an evening underneath the stars.

Imaginary Authors A City On Fire Scent, $95

Okay, so it’s not a candle, but it would work just as well as a room spray as it does for scenting oneself. A sultry combo of spice and smoke, this smokeshow of a fragrance literally incorporates a match scent along with unexpected ingredients like berries and cardamom.

Fire By Tom Dixon, $115

Housed in a stunning glass vessel, this smoky take on firewood blends cypriol oil and musk. Light this one up for snuggly romantic nights by the “fire.”

Goop Edition 01 Winter Scented Candle, $72

The sleek, minimalist design goes with any and all decors, making this cypress-smoky scented candle the ultimate hostess gift.



Forest Bathing, $80

Fancy yourself a devastating dryad when you light this candle, which earthily evokes a sun-drenched forest.

Paddywax Edgar Allan Poe Library Candle, $21

An affordable soy-wax option for the literary among us. The scent features a mix of cardamom, absinthe, and sandalwood notes for a smoky, sensual moment.

Henri Bendel Firewood Signature, $30

From New York’s iconic flagship, this candle boasts a deep, calming scent that verges more on masculine. Buy it for a gentleman friend, boyfriend or husband; it’s a smoky scent stunt-double for a super sexy aftershave.

Nest Hearth Classic 3-Wick Candle, $64

The perfect holiday scent, this one smells like a crackling fire, but blends rich oud with a hint of frankincense.

Manuel Canovas Bois De Lune Candle, $20

Available in a few sizes, this rich take on red cedar and rosewood is accompanied by cameo appearances of Chinese tea and wild berry.

Bath And Body


Mahogany Teakwood Candle, $22.50

An astoundingly affordable 3-wick, this candle features vegetable wax housed in colored glass and comes with a flame-extinguishing lid. It features a double blend of woods for more verdant take on the firewood theme.

Ex Nihilo Bois Des Anges Candle, $75

This warm, complex creation evokes the simple pleasure of sipping a fine Cognac fireside. Notes of rum and a smoky accord round out this sophisticated, stunningly packaged objet.

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace, $65

This one features the most straightforward yet adorable moniker. Whimsically packaged, its notes of wood mingled with subtle smoke, burch and copaiba resin recreate the smell that lingers after the fire has been extinguished. Once it’s done, keep the glass vessel to store pens or makeup brushes.