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Make the most of the empty space within the cabinetry by utilizing a shelf within a shelf.

Install hooks beneath a floating shelf to house that prized collection of vintage teacups and mugs.

Opt for a kitchen cart that doubles as storage and added counter space. Bonus tip: use it as a bar cart when entertaining!

A tiered structure takes up little counter space while lending plenty of layers for storage. Bonus points for one with a handle to allow for movable versatility.

A stacked set of bars utilize the ample wall space designated for storing the kitchen’s most readily used utensils.


space above the

kitchen windows? Install a floating shelf to house lesser used items or decorative plants.

Designate the random odds and ends of the kitchen by grouping like items within compact storage trays.

Make the most of the forgotten space under the sink with this clever fix, perfect for storing a slew of cleaning products.

Declutter drawers with compartmentalized dividers, to allow for maximum usage of storable square footage.

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Extra space at the end of a counter? Position a towel bar to hold pots and pans in lieu of clunky stacks inside of the cabinets.

Keep the vicinity of the sink clear of materials with an over-the-door shelf that neatly stores sponges and more!

A spice rack in the most literal sense keeps cooking essentials consolidated and readily nearby.

Wall-mounted wire grid baskets make for simple and effortless cookbook shelves.

A wall-mounted spice rack keeps herbs and spice close for all your culinary adventures.

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A uniformed assortment of sealed containers contain ample storage space while lending a streamlined aesthetic to the pantry.