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by Michelle Gage

So…kitchen ideas. We’re into

open shelving

, we’ve got the backsplash thing down, but where are we getting inspired by color?Gone are the days when we’d accept the combination of blonde wood cabinets, black speckled granite and colorless white walls. These days, we’re all about a little kick! A healthy dose of color is what we’re currently cooking up in the kitchen.

Here, introduce an unexpected splash of color in your cabinets. The bright teal here does the trick! Go the extra mile and stamp some amazing oranges up your white walls, for a fresh way to play with your food!

Pale blue kitchen cabinets are perfectly on trend. Pantone dubbed Serenity Blue one of its two colors of the year. Let 2016 be the year you embrace this soft hue.

A fresh coat of paint can get instantly transform your kitchen space. Apply two generous coats to your chairs for a seasonal update!

Is pink with envy a thing? If so, color us jealous over the blush pink tones of this kitchen.

Be bold with your paint picks. Soft blue cabinets are contrasted by the golden yellow walls. Both beautiful, uplifting colors, these two are a perfect match.

A little fresh mint isn’t only for the food! Sprinkle a dose of color into your farmhouse kitchen.

Growing up, Crayola’s Robin’s Egg Blue crayon was a prized possession. Color that shade all over your kitchen cabinets for a fresh sense of nostalgia.

This quick pop of green is perfectly placed and unexpected. (Not to mention a VERY cool DIY to try this weekend)!

We’ve been all about the

navy kitchen

trend lately – try it yourself! For a look that is trending and timeless, you need navy.

Let a little painter’s tape be your best friend. Try this DIY to get many of your favorite colors into your kicking kitchen.

Go green! This lush color almost reads as a neutral in this space.

All those who enter this space will be green with envy over this expert, playful use of green.

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is a little pantry pick-me-up! Paint that pocket door a zesty lemon color and turn up the flavor in your space.

Pink pops are some of our favorites! Pull this punchy color into your kitchen.

A little cobalt never hurt anyone. Select this striking shade for your summer DIY if you’re looking to save a little cash when making over your kitchen.

A sweet minty hue offers charm and brightness in an otherwise stark white room.

Hot pink and black make for a striking combination. Bring on the color!

Don’t ignore your rug’s opportunity to invite color into your kitchen. Pink and emerald create a look that is almost too hot to handle. Pass the oven mitts!

Sunny yellow chairs help to create a cheery space.

Lemon yellow cabinets will make all who enter your kitchen instantly happy.

A fresh pale blue is perfect for your space! We like this for small-ish kitchens that want to feel a little larger.

A color commitment, for sure, the adventurous will find that green is glam enough for a kitchen revamp.

A washed out blue is unexpected in this magazine-worthy kitchen.

A peachy pink color is what kitchen dreams are made of. If you can’t get away with it on your cabinets, try this shade throughout the kitchen’s backsplash.

Two timeless colors make an appearance in this space. A beautiful blue and an exciting emerald happily share this space, in perfect harmony.

Color comes into the kitchen in many ways–not solely through your cabinets. Consider a rug, and the vibrancy it can bring into your space. 

Line those kitchen walls in pretty jade green subway tiles. This striking school of tiles swims effortlessly around the room.

A pinkish purple overdyed rug adds an unexpected element into this space. Here, pink and blue pair perfectly to create a youthful, yet adult space.

Liven up your dreary space with a little lushness. If this feels too intense, try a lighter shade.

Don’t ignore the lighting and furniture in your space. Petal pink chairs and a pollen yellow pendant light are perfect for this otherwise white room.

Consider splashing some color in on an accent wall. This seaside selection looks great here.

We don’t mind being called petal pink paint pushers! This blush color is so insanely chic that we’d happily spend all of our Saturdays in here, cooking up a storm.

Remember to look up! Often the perfect place to introduce color is right over your head. Just a shade or two lighter than the curtains, this ceiling color makes us long for our grandmother’s lemon meringue pie.