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There are very few pieces of furniture that can work in just about any room, but when it comes to adaptable décor, the ladder shelf reigns supreme. Versatile for its style, tapered shape, and storage capabilities, this is one item that should be considered a staple in the home—especially if you live in a smaller space. Plus, any DIYer can easily customize the shelf for any room, whether you’re looking for a stylish bookshelf in the den or a plant stand for your patio. Just grab a few cans of Rust-Oleum® spray paint and get to work. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. The Perfect “Shelfie”

Upgrade an off-the-shelf shelf to create an extra special place to store your eye-catching coffee table books, keepsakes, artwork, and little trinkets from your travels. While the goods on display will tell your “shelfie” story, the shelf itself can make a statement if you paint it a fun shade that complements your décor. Here, we opted for Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover ® in Satin Vintage Blush to match the chairs. The smooth satin finish is super durable, so you can rearrange and mix up your items as much as you like without chipping the color.

Paint Colors used:  Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra and Cover® in Satin Vintage Blush

Photography by Aaron Bengochea | Styled by Kate Berry

2. A Colorful Bathroom Organizer

Say goodbye to overcrowded towel racks and disorganized medicine cabinets with the addition of a ladder shelf in the bathroom. Opt for a durable finish—we chose Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover® in Satin Ink Blue. Here, the bold blue hue lets the ladder pop in an otherwise neutral space. Take the look one step further and paint a couple of storage containers to give your toiletries a chicer home. We added a mint ombré effect to a glass canister with Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover® in Modern Mint and turned a plain box into a shiny red statement with Stops Rust® Cherry.

Paint Colors used:  Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover ® Satin Ink BlueGloss Modern Mint and Stops Rust® Gloss Cherry

Photography by Aaron Bengochea | Styled by Kate Berry

3. A Home For Your Plants

Plant moms rejoice! All your green children can have a space on this chic plant display that lets you bring the outdoors in. Painting the shelf with Stops Rust® Matte Hammered Black. The dark shade lets your lush greenery take the spotlight. Bonus: Upgrade your planters with a new hue as well. We used Stops Rust® Metallic in Rose Gold, and Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover® in Satin Vintage Blush and Gloss Pink Peony to add personality to our indoor garden.

Tip: Rust-Oleum recommends the use of a Primer for Terra Cotta surfaces. 

Paint Colors used:  Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover® Satin Vintage Blush  Gloss Pink Peony Stops Rust® Metallic Rose Gold Stops Rust® Matte Hammered Black