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9 Cool Euro Brands You Need On Your Radar

Good news: You can shop them online.

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If you live in New York,  you’ve probably popped into Tictail’s Lower East Side storefront once, twice, or maybe seventeen times. With a melange of home goods, fashion, and accessories, there’s always something new; plus, the impeccably decorated store is the literal definition of Instagram bait.

But as much as you might love shopping the IRL boutique, don’t miss out on the online marketplace. It has thousands of products and brands from over 140 countries worldwide, each with unique viewpoints and artistic prowess—plus, it’s a great way to discover emerging designers.

While falling into a black hole of virtual window shopping the site the other day, we noticed a pattern emerging—several of the coolest brands we were bookmarking happened to be independent makers from Europe. From minimalist ceramics to mod artwork, they paint a broad picture of the fashion-forward designs we’re constantly in awe of.

With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favorite European brands from Tictail that are inspiring us right now. Apologies in advance for the damage about to be done to your wallets.

Romina Gris Ceramics – Spain

Consider this the mod take on the coveted 1980s design you’ve been searching for. Romina Gris Ceramics has some of the coolest geometric vases you’ll ever see—in a curated offering of either blush pink, cobalt blue, or black and white stripes. Each piece is just as statement-making even when left empty, sans any florals.

Los Objetos Decorativos – Spain

Los Objetos Decorativos is based in Barcelona and currently offers five very unique—and very specific—pieces. In addition to an art print and a strangely stylish dustpan, the other three pieces all riff off a simple seashell motif. Bold earthy colors coupled with the sea-inspired motif make for quite the unexpected combo that lends itself to a beachy scheme that’s fresh not kitsch. We’re here for it.

GUR – Portugal

For those on the hunt for textiles that will contribute a refreshing layer atop dated flooring, look no further than this Portugal-based brand. GUR offers both rugs and textured wall hangings, which come detailed with abstract prints and vibrant color blocks. We’re particularly partial to the subtly geometric motifs found within the line’s key pieces. 

Milo Made – United Kingdom

The self-described purveyor of “ugly mugs and tiny jugs” is the quirky ceramicphile’s dream. Simple silhouettes counteracted by vibrant colors and irreverent designs (a smiley face here, a slapdash paint stroke there) emulate the playful yet style-forward qualities of the London-based shop.

Ubikubi – Romania

This brand is a bit like a virtual vintage shop—you’re not quite sure what you’re going to find. There are modern wooden trays designed for the natural material-loving minimalist, terrazzo wall hooks crafted to bring a retro flair in the smallest of ways, and even two-tone dining room tables with legs painted in a shade of bright Kelly green. You’re likely to see them all side by side, so decide for yourself which part of this unique boutique speaks to your aesthetic.

Murmull – Spain

Sate your contemporary design-loving heart with Murmull’s pieces. There’s a clear geometric theme in this shop, which carries minimalist stools and ceramic trays with equal success. One of the coolest things you’ll find is the collection of graphic-printed artwork displayed on wood instead of the usual canvas material.

By Breidfjord – Iceland

Scandinavian design lovers, this one’s for you. This particular Tictail shop blends earthy colors with organic silhouettes, resulting in a range of elevated simplicity you won’t be able to get enough of. The dinnerware is the main attraction: By Breidfjord has a lot of servingware and plates in neutral tones to make even quick weeknight dinners feel a bit more special.

Anna Badur – Germany

Each of Badur’s exquisitely painted pieces features some variation of a water-inspired motif. Be it through watercolor-like dots or delicately illustrated waves, her work is guided by her Nordic coastal heritage and is inspired by the meeting point of wind and sea. The boutique’s items are all relatively minimal, save for the bolder blue-hued textiles.

I’m Not Messy I’m Creative – Portugal

Aside from co-opting this boutique’s name as our new personal brand, we’re also quite drawn to its colorful, contemporary catalog. If you’re looking for a simple vase, you won’t find it here; the focus is much more on the whimsical, with wonky shapes and original designs. There’s even a vase shaped like cheese. It’s an eclectic decorator’s paradise.

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