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Our Favorite Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

Whether on the road, in the air, or in a subway, Domino editors have got you covered.

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A diverse round-up for all the podcasts you need while road trippin’ for your summer travels (or just road trippin’ in your mind while commuting into work).

Tracy Cho, Executive Director of Marketing, Growth and Analytics  

“Up First”

– 10 minutes every morning about the most important new stuff. It gives me just enough so I don’t feel bad about the world, but I feel smarter.

Michael Ciancio, Executive Creative Director

“My Dad Wrote A Porno”

– Jamie Morton’s dad wrote a porno—no joke. And now Morton reads a chapter a week, discovering more about his father than he ever imagined. You’ll laugh until you cry.

Jessica Romm Perez, Editor-in-Chief

“Pop Culture Happy Hour”

– All things pop culture that keeps you in the know for the week.

“Fresh Air”

– Always and forever.

“Keeping it 1600”

– Missing it from pre-election days.

Lily Sullivan, Editorial Assistant

“2 Dope Queens”

 – It’s just NSFW enough, perfect for the millennial woman who wants to hear about her problems unfiltered with a fresh level of humor.  

“Missing Richard Simmons”

 – It’s shocking, nostalgic, and hilarious; an un-mystery that shows us inside of one of the world’s most colorful characters.

Lahaina Alcantara, Photo Editor, Digital

“Call Your Girlfriend”

– Two highly intelligent women round up the week in current events, making it a great news source (and they are so witty and informed that you really trust them).  

“TED Radio Hour”

– Each episode is based around a theme, and it’s a compilation of a bunch of talks around that one theme. Sometimes I pick a topic that I think I wouldn’t normally be interested in it, but I always learn something interesting and special.

Kristin Limoges, Beauty & Wellness

“You Must Remember This”

– In-depth analysis of classic old Hollywood stories and stars – so good.

“The Dollop”

– Two guys: One retells about a historic event, the other one has no idea and ad-libs comedic moments into the storyline – its wonderful.

“This American Life”

– So, obviously, but always so delightful, even when it’s on a topic seemingly meh, I always end up enthralled.


– I have too many mixed emotions and opinions about this.

Meghan McNeer, Photo Editor

“How Did This Get Made”

– Breaking down the beauty of all the ridiculous movies you secretly love.

Michael Wiltbank, Freelance Photographer

“Throwing Shade”

– So witty, so charming, so refreshing. (Ed note: so charming that TV Land gave them their own weekly late night show.)   

Kristin Limoges


Kristin can usually be found face, hair, and body masking simultaneously, while thinking-up clever DIYs for her small-space Chinatown apartment. She’s always on the search for the greatest and most life-changing beauty and wellness hacks (hello nootropics and adaptogens) and is happy to report she loves dogs and cats equally.