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Does this happen to you? You stare at your salon’s nail polish wall (or your nail stash at home) for five minutes before you get self conscious about how long you’ve been standing there, so you just grab the nearest color, and then immediately regret it. Every time. Slide through for some no-regrets summer color inspiration as our editors give all the tips on the tips of their nails right now.


Geranium by Essie, $9

“Lovin’ neon-y red for the toes. Geranium always and forever.” – Jessica Romm Perez, Editor-in-Chief


I Just Can’t Cope-acabana by OPI, $8

“I Just Can’t Cope-acabana has been my favorite shade this summer. I’ve been favoring a primary color palette and I love how this yellow shade looks with a tan (and paired with bold red, white, and blue wardrobe and beauty accessories!).” – Alyssa Clough, Associate Social Media Editor

(Ed note: Yellow is totally trending in our office. This OPI color was a favorite of a few other editors as well.)

Aim to Misbehave by Essie, $8.50

“Yellow or very, very light pink. I flush easily, so my skin can get pretty pink in the summer heat, so I’ve learned to stay away from bright pinks and corals (even though I love coral) and opt for shades that will complement, not blend in, to my skin tone. My favorite neighborhood salon uses Essie, so I’ve been rotating between Aim to Misbehave and Peak Show.” – Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director


Marshmallow by BeBio Nail Lacquer, $12

“I was at my favorite salon/wellness cafe Chillhouse, and they pulled out this BeBio nail lacquer for the base of my Matisse-styled nail design (BeBio is the traditional nail lacquer line; Bio Seaweed Gel is the gel line). And no kidding, in the week+ it was on, my nails became crazy strong, like claw-through-a-wall-strong. When I want a pop of color, I always am drawn to blues, and their Powder Blue is really lovely too. Also, 5-free (No formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents.).” – Kristin Limoges, Lifestyle


Romper Room by Essie, $8.50

“This one’s the perfect shade of pink. I’ve been wearing it all summer long and don’t plan on retiring it anytime soon.” – Anna Kocharian, Digital Editor


Dream On by Context, $15

“Loving a french mani with a clear nail and either light blue or white tips. I like this line because it’s non-toxic and stays on forever.” – Rachel Besser, Market Editor


St. Lucia Lilac by Essie, $8.50

“Essie is my go-to brand for polish, and I’m loving this pale lilac shade for summer.” – Marisa Petrarca, Digital Editorial Intern


Peace of Cake by Piggy Paint, $8

“I’m such a hippie I never wear polish, I’m the queen of the no-polish mani/pedi. But I use Piggy Paint on my kids: My five-year-old paints the two-year-olds toenails for hours on end.”

Molly Guy

, Executive Weddings Editor


Fifth Avenue by Essie, $9

“My go-to (for like the past 10 years) is Fifth Avenue. It’s my forever favorite color in life—orangey red.” – Elaina Sullivan, Style Editor