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The Best Platform Beds Ditch Box Springs for Built-In Storage and Slim Profiles

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“Platform beds have definitely become the new norm,” says Megan Hopp, founder and principal designer of Megan Hopp Design. “I have to say, I don’t feel sad about it one bit.” 

A platform bed—which differs from a standard bed frame in that it has a solid foundation so you can skip the box spring—is both functional and stylish, making it easy to store things under the bed while giving your space a clean, airy look. Some options maximize storage space by lifting the bed off the ground, so you can simply slide shoes, out-of-season decor, or linens underneath and out of sight. Platform beds also take up less visual space than heavier, more traditional beds: Even designs that sit directly on the floor and platform beds that have headboards have a light, open quality that inspires calm and relaxation. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the best platform beds on the market, with lots of hidden storage; in materials such as metal, cane, and solid oak; and from splurgy price points to one that costs less than $100. 

Our Favorites

The So-Much-Storage One: Pottery Barn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

The So Much Storage One

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Material: Wood, performance fabrics | Sizes: Full to California king | Headboard: Sold separately | Warranty: No | Return policy: Made-to-order products not returnable 

What we like:

  • Built-in storage holds a ton of stuff
  • Performance fabrics are designed to hold up to regular use

Worth noting:

  • No returns once shipped

Why we chose it: While some platform beds are BYOS (bring your own storage), the built-in drawers in this one will hold whatever you need. 

For decades, Pottery Barn has been the place to go for well-made, classic pieces that stand the test of time, and this bed is no exception. Each one is made to order and comes with four deep storage drawers that easily slide open and closed, making it a great option for small spaces—think: a guest bedroom without a closet or a home office that doubles as storage for out-of-season clothes. It’s also designed to work with a variety of Pottery Barn headboards, each of which can be upholstered in the same fabric as the bed itself. 

The Colorful Cane One: Industry West Cane Bed

The Colorful One

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Material: Solid wood base, cane headboard | Size: Queen | Headboard: Included | Warranty: One year, only covers manufacturing defects | Return policy: Within 14 days

What we like:

  • Cane is both trendy and classic
  • Neutral wood or colorful accents

Worth noting:

  • One of our highest-priced picks

Why we chose it: A cane design that’s both on trend and totally classic. 

Cane furniture first came into fashion during the English Restoration more than 300 years ago and has been a high-style choice ever since, used in everything from tropical, glam spaces of the post–World War II period to the nature-inspired modern styles of 1970s Scandi design. We especially love that this cane platform bed from Industry West offers a dash of color in the form of green trim: If you’re a plant person, this is a piece that will coordinate nicely with your ferns and monsteras. 

The Statement Headboard One: Lulu and Georgia Clementine Platform Bed

The Statement Headboard One

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Material: Wood frame and legs, upholstered headboard | Sizes: Full to California king | Headboard: Included | Warranty: No | Return policy: Made-to-order products not returnable

What we like:

  • Stylish scalloped headboard
  • On-trend fabric and color choices

Worth noting:

  • Custom pieces take up to seven weeks to be delivered

Why we chose it: The perfect marriage of form and function, with a twist. 

Lulu and Georgia excel when it comes to making functional, long-lasting pieces and adding an element of fun. Take this statement-making platform bed: The scalloped headboard is whimsical without veering into cloyingly sweet, especially when rendered in a ’70s-inspired ochre bouclé fabric or luxe and earthy pine green velvet, two of many upholstery options on offer.

The Ever-Convertible One: Floyd The Bed Frame

The Ever Convertible One

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Material: Veneered plywood | Sizes: Twin to king | Headboard: Optional | Warranty: 10-year nontransferrable | Return policy: Within 30 days 

What we like:

  • Pieces sold separately
  • Solid warranty

Worth noting:

  • Return period is tight

Why we chose it: Expansion kits that transform the bed from a queen to a king (and back again) make it easy to adapt to your needs. 

Let’s say you’re starting out with a queen-size bed, no headboard, and a year later you think: I could really use some more space to stretch out! This Floyd bed has you covered. It comes in sizes ranging from twin to king and lets you add or subtract panels as needed, so you can change the bed to fit your space rather than look for a space that fits your bed. Under-bed storage options are available, too; Domino’s deputy commerce editor, Samantha Weiss-Hills, loves the sturdy powder-coated steel and canvas construction, and you can add it on when you’re ready to purchase. Swapping out the hardware is a bit fiddly but not impossible and much easier with two people.

The Barely There Metal One: Likehome Aaron Metal Bed Frame

The Barely There Metal One

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Material: Metal | Sizes: Twin to king | Headboard: Included | Warranty: Yes, but you have to request details from the manufacturer | Return policy: Refund, return, or replacement within 30 days

What we like:

  • Comes in a daybed option
  • A white finish softens the look
  • On the affordable side

Worth noting:

  • Lower weight limit than some of our other picks

Why we chose it: A platform bed in white metal is versatile and unobtrusive—and, as a bonus, it’s less than $300.

In addition to creating storage space where before there was none, platform beds can serve a key aesthetic function by being unobtrusive, especially when rendered in white metal, like this one (available on Amazon!). Whether you’re going cottage chic or contemporary minimalist, this bed, which also comes in a super-functional daybed style, will blend in rather than stand out, which might be just the ticket for your ultimate design vision.  

The No-Hassle Setup Option: Thuma The Bed

The No Hassle Set Up Option

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Material: Wood | Sizes: Twin to king | Headboard: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime |  Return policy: 100 days 

What we like:

  • Generous return policy
  • Easy to put together

Worth noting:

  • Headboard colors are limited

Why we chose it: No-tools-required assembly minimizes headaches. 

Thuma uses Japanese joinery techniques—employed by craftspeople for thousands of years—to hold this bed together, which means that when it comes to assembly, there’s no scrambling to find a screwdriver or wrench while you’re also trying to keep various pieces from crashing to the floor. Attention to detail is strong with this one, too: We love that the rounded edges of the legs are designed to protect shins against middle-of-the-night bumps, and we really love that the headboard cover is machine washable. 

The No-Frills, Just-Need-It One: GranRest Dura Metal Bed Frame

The No Frills

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Material: Metal | Sizes: Twin to California king | Headboard: No | Warranty: Protection plan available for an additional fee | Return policy: Within 90 days

What we like:

  • Less than $100
  • High weight limit
  • Tons of storage space

Worth noting:

  • Assembly required
  • No headboard option

Why we chose it: A gets-the-job-done bed frame at an unbeatable price point. 

This platform bed, which creates a lot of storage space, would be a great value at twice the price, but as is it’s practically a steal. If you’re furnishing a studio apartment or a guest room for the first time, it’s a fantastic bare-bones pick that doesn’t feel bare bones, thanks to the sleek frame and sturdy construction, which has a weight limit of nearly 700 pounds. The free shipping is an added bonus. 

The Customizable One: Inside Weather Savoy Upholstered Bed Frame

The Customizable One

 Upholstered Bed Frame Domino

Material: Wood, upholstery-covered headboard | Sizes: Full to king | Headboard: Yes | Warranty: One-year warranty covers manufacturing defects only |  Return policy: 14 days with a 15 percent fee; 365 days with a 25 percent fee

What we like:

  • Customization means you’re getting a bed made just for you
  • Good height clearance for storage

Worth noting:

  • Since each one is custom-built, you’ll pay a fee for returning

Why we chose it: A bed made just for you at under $2,000. 

This is the pick for detail-oriented shoppers who spend lots of time trying to find just the right piece. A queen-size bed with a green velvet headboard and 12 inches of storage space? Or a king-size bed with natural linen upholstery and a whopping 16 inches for hiding storage bins out of sight? The choice is yours at Inside Weather. Each bed is customizable using an easy, step-by-step process that lets you pick out everything from wood finish to sleek add-on side tables. 

The Low-Slung One: RH Cloud Slipcover Platform Bed

The Low Slung One

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Material: Wood covered in fabric upholstery or leather | Sizes: Queen to California king | Headboard: Included | Warranty: Mattresses come with a warranty | Return policy: Within 30 days with proof of purchase 

What we like:

  • More than 100 fabric and color combinations
  • Sleek style has a mid-century vibe

Worth noting:

  • Not a storage piece

Why we chose it: In velvet, linen, or leather, this low-to-the-ground platform bed has a subtle mid-century modern aesthetic. 

Not every platform bed is a storage piece—some, like this one, use clean lines and a low profile to evoke a modern sensibility, minimize visual clutter, and maximize calm. We love that this RH piece comes in such a wide variety of colors and fabrics, too: The leather version is the epitome of casual-luxe, and the velvet options, in shades like slate blue and dove gray, are elevated neutrals that work in pretty much any space. 

The Updated Spindle One: Rejuvenation Perkins Spindle Bed

The Updated Spindle One

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Material: Walnut or white oak | Sizes: Queen or king | Headboard: Included | Warranty: Yes, but you have to request details from the manufacturer | Return policy: Refund or exchange within 30 days, including receipt

What we like:

  • Traditional aesthetic
  • High-quality materials

Worth noting:

  • You’ll want help with assembly

Why we chose it: A style with deep historical roots, updated for the current moment. 

Spindle beds are sometimes referred to as spool beds or Jenny Lind beds, first popularized by circus magnate P.T. Barnum and named after a famous 19th-century opera singer from Sweden, and they hark back to a time when most furniture was made by hand, using solid craftsmanship and classic techniques. This updated version is heirloom quality and would be a gorgeous addition to a child’s furniture suite: It’s the kind of piece that will look great now and in 20 years. Plus the 7 inches of under-bed storage helps keep a bedroom neat and tidy. 


Webster Bed, Serena & Lily

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Linnet Platform Bed , Bobby Berk

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Camilla Lulu Cloud Channel Bed, Crate & Barrel

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Drommen Acacia Bed Frame, CB2

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How We Chose These Products

In addition to looking for well-made pieces that combine smart construction with high-quality materials, we divided this list into two categories. First, we searched for platform beds designed to create storage space, including good clearance off of the floor and the ability to work with a wide variety of storage solutions. For platform beds that sit directly on the floor (or just a few inches above it), our focus was on pieces that looked stylish enough to serve as focal points in bedrooms of every style. 

Our Shopping Checklist

Style and Design

Many platform beds lean toward the modern end of the spectrum; expect to see a lot of clean lines and a lack of ornamentation. “Even for a headboard with a simple bed frame and bed skirt, I now opt for a standard height platform frame,” say Hopp. Add visual interest via a textured headboard in a rich color or choose a bed that has coordinating side tables and storage for a cohesive look. Or particularly with a lower bed, go for a single color on a bed frame, duvet cover, and pillows. In lighter shades like white, gray, and natural linen, it will be a striking monochromatic effect. 

Size and Height 

The higher the bed, the more storage space you’ll have—it’s simple geometry. When it comes to what size to go for, space needs will always come first, but we do think platform beds tend to look best in sizes full and up because it makes under-bed storage less noticeable. 

Storage and Under-Bed Space

Some platform beds on our list have built-in storage options, which can be handy if you don’t already have bins handy. If you’re DIYing your storage, stick with bins or bags in similar sizes and make sure they don’t stick out from the sides of the frame—in addition to looking messy, it will quickly become a tripping hazard.

Ask Domino

Q: Should I use a box spring with a platform bed? 

Platform beds are generally designed to be used without box springs, but double-check with the manufacturer before making a decision. 

Q: What is the best mattress type for a platform bed? (Meaning: Am I going to have to get a new one?)

Since platform beds tend to utilize hard slats, something with memory foam or similar material is the best choice. You want to opt for one that will keep you comfortable without adding bulk (think: the voluminous look that comes with a pillow-top mattress). 

Q: I like a finished look. Can I attach a headboard to a platform bed?  

It depends on the bed. Adding a headboard to a bed not designed for one is more of an intensive project, but there are plenty of platform beds on our list that either come with the headboard attached or allow you to add one on at a reasonable cost. 

Q: Directions aren’t really my thing. Is it hard to assemble a platform bed?  

Most platform beds do require some assembly, some more than others. Since you’ll be sleeping on it, we recommend being extra-careful when putting yours together or even springing for some professional help. 

Q: Is a platform bed lightweight? I like to rearrange my room from time to time.

If changing up the look of your bedroom is important to you, opt for a metal platform bed, which will almost always be lighter than a wood version. You might also want to go for something without upholstery on the sides or headboard, as that can make a bed more cumbersome to move around and be more susceptible to damage from moving. 

The Last Word

Whether your goal is to expand storage options in a tight area or create a sense of openness in your space, platform beds are a solid, surprisingly versatile choice for any bedroom.