Published on June 7, 2017

We love a good drink-related theme week or national holiday, especially when it’s tied to a good cause, like Negroni Week, which is currently being celebrated around the world through June 11. Every participating bar donates a portion of proceeds to a charity of its choosing, and there are dozens of establishments taking part in NYC.  

We scoured the list to find our favorites and unearth the seven best Negroni cocktails and specials through the weekend. If you can’t make it out, create one of the recipes at home, and donate to your favorite charity online.


Dante’s Negroni Bianco 

$1 of all Negronis are donated to God’s Love We Deliver


1 oz. Brooklyn gin

½ oz.Martini & Rossi bianco vermouth

½ oz. Noilly Prat dry vermouth

1 oz. Quinquina aperitif

2 dashes of Lemon bitters

1 dash of Verjus 


Stir on ice and strain into a Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a lemon twist (discard) and baby’s breath flowers.


El Toro Blanco’s Espolon Blanco 

A Mexican twist on a classic Negroni. Proceeds from each Negroni benefit the Surfrider Foundation


1 oz. Espolon tequila blanco

1 oz. Campari

1 oz. Sweet vermouth 


Shake and serve on the rocks in a lowball glass with a lemon twist.


Rouge Tomate’s Negroni 

Proceeds from Rouge Tomate’s Negroni will benefit Autism Speaks.


1 oz. Jasmine-infused gin

½ oz. Averell gin Liqueur

½ oz. Cocchi vermouth

1 oz. Campari Cucumber water for ice cube

4 oz. Cucumber juice2

8 oz. Filtered water  


Stir all ingredients and pour over cucumber ice cube. Garnish with orange chip (the restaurant infuses theirs with Campari).


Pig Bleecker’s White Negroni  

For Negroni week, Pig Bleecker will offer three varieties of negroni, with proceeds benefitting PAWS

White Negroni Ingredients

1 oz. Lillet

1 oz. Aveze

1 oz. Plymouth gin Rocks


Grapefruit twist


Colonie’s Bonafide Rascal  

For this year’s Negroni Week, beverage director Brian Smith will be serving the Bonafide Rascal to benefit City Harvest



1.5 oz. Wild Turkey

101 Rye1 oz. Braulio Amaro

1 oz. Campari 


Shake and serve on the rocks in a lowball glass with a twist.


Grand Banks’ Wild’s Negroni



40 ml. Wild Botanical Gin

20 ml. Campari20 ml. Sweet Vermouth

10 ml. Crème de Cassis 


Shake and serve on the rocks in a lowball glass with a twist.


Clover Club’s Kula Negroni by Julia Reiner 


1 oz. strawberry-infused Campari

1 oz. Cinzano Vermouth Bianco

1 oz. London Dry gin 


To make the infusion, add 2 pints of fresh strawberries (washed and destemmed) to a bottle of Campari. Allow to sit for 3-5 days. Strain the strawberries out of the bottle before serving. In a mixing glass, combine the infused Campari,
 vermouth, and gin.
 Add ice and stir to chill. Strain over one large ice cube.
 Garnish with an orange twist and a fresh strawberry.