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Every Sunday this summer, we’ll bring you a curated selection of recommended reads as part of our 100 Days of Summer series.
Have you been wanting to start a new chapter? We asked London-based bibliotherapist Ella Berthoud to prescribe her favorite reads for every summer situation under the sun.

What to read if you’re…

Having a wild summer fling: 

History of a Pleasure Seeker

by Richard Mason Set in Amsterdam in the early 1900s, the action in Pleasure Seeker centers on the seductive music tutor Piet Barol. He begins to instruct a pupil’s mother on more than chord scales—and when things get too steamy, Barol boards a ship for New York. Then the hedonistic fun really begins.

Trying to survive a family vacation: 

The Accidental

by Ali Smith Spending a week with your next of kin can be a nightmare. In The Accidental, each member of a family seems to be having his or her own private meltdown—until Amber, an enigmatic and provocative woman, appears out of nowhere and shakes up deep-rooted dynamics. This darkly hilarious novel will make your family vacation seem reassuringly normal.

Escaping on a girls-only road trip: 

The Dud Avocado

by Elaine Dundy Few ladies in literature have been more unexpected than 22-year-old protagonist Sally Jay Gorce. Sent to Paris by her uncle with a healthy allowance, she embarks on mad adventures around the city with a selection of men, alternatively alarming and charming. Sally will spark your own squad to swap tales over a round of margs.

Wanting to get fit: 


by Chris Cleave In the run-up to the 2012 Olympics, three cyclists battle personal issues, physical challenges, and emotional problems in order to bring their bodies to an ultimate personal best. You’ll be reaching for your sneakers with renewed purpose and conviction. (Or listen to the book on audio while you train.)

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