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When I was in my 20s, living in New York City with two roommates in a teeny apartment with no dining room, we ate all of our meals around the coffee table. Then I moved in with my boyfriend, got a proper dining table—and we still ate all of our meals around the coffee table (unless it was a special occasion or we were having guests over—but not even then!). 

I was positive that by the time I became a real adult (in my mind that aligned with being a parent or owning my own home), I would forgo this habit altogether. In reality, while I do sit in our dining room much more than I ever used to, some of my favorite meals are the ones where I’m sitting on the floor in our living room, huddled around the coffee table with my husband, eating dinner together after our little one has gone to bed. It feels romantic and bohemian, and I’ve come to accept that this isn’t something to strive against but to embrace. 

And it’s that spirit that helped me discover the most genius, late-night-dinner/drinks-around-the-coffee-table seating hack: meditation pillows. They’re comfortable, sturdy, compact (aka can be easily stored away), and available in many aesthetically pleasing designs that feel perfectly suited for a living room setting. The cherry on top: They can help improve your posture. Oh, and they can support you in your meditation practice, too. They will not, however, make you feel more like a true adult—I’m still waiting for that to happen.

The Best Meditation Cushions to Use as, Well, Not Meditation Cushions