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15 unexpected ways to enjoy margaritas

not-your-average margarita flavors!

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pomegranate hibiscus margarita

Tea time meets happy hour with this floral and fruity blend.

avocado margarita

Big guacamole fan? Try this fiesta-in-a-glass!

cherry limeade margarita

This margarita will take you back to the world of Shirley Temples and drive-in restaurants.

tamarind margarita

You might have to venture out of your regular supermarket for the star ingredient, but it’ll be well worth it!

pear cilantro

Are you one of those people who think cilantro is just heavenly? This one goes out to you.

sriracha & smoke blood orange margarita

If you prefer flying by the seat of your pants, this is your drink.

spicy grapefruit margarita

Think of this as a paloma but with a spicy kick and a generous dose of citrus.

basil jalapeño margarita

Basil makes everything better. This blend is no exception.

rosemary ginger margarita

Does your dinner party game give Martha a run for her money? You deserve this.

coconut mint margarita

Need a vacation? Here’s a beachy number to tide you over for now.

charred jalapeño and carrot margarita

The orange in this recipe balances out the carrot flavor for something bright, beautiful, and delicious.

beet margarita

No spinach and goat cheese here. Just good ol’ fashioned veggies and booze!

prickly pear margarita

Prickly pears aren’t just for Disney bears! Take this cocktail to the next level with a splash of peach syrup.

bloody margarita

Salty, savory, and icy, this is better than brunch! Well, almost.

persimmon margarita

When life gives you this winter fruit, make margaritas!