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There’s no brunch drink more classic than the Bloody Mary, and while the original version is pretty amazing, there’s a whole host of creative ways to put a new spin on the cocktail staple. From adding fresh seafood garnishes to trying out different fruits and veggies as bases, these recipes are as inventive as they are delicious. Here are new ways to make the drink the main attraction at your next weekend get-together.

Cilantro-Salted Tomatillo Green Bloody Marys 

If you needed proof that Bloody Marys don’t technically have to be red, here you have it. Aside from brightening up any tablescape, this vibrant green version by Holly & Flora, which is made with tomatillos, has a slightly more sour taste compared to ones made with tomatoes. A dash of cilantro and hint of apple round out the flavor for a cocktail that’s sweet, savory, and totally satisfying.

Dill Pickle Bacon Bloody Mary 

Calling all bacon lovers. Here’s a tip: This cocktail is one of the most bacon-licious ones out there. Using a typical Bloody Mary recipe as the base, this version created by Noble Pig adds both pickles and bacon to up the ante.

Garden to Glass Sous Vide Bloody Mary 

For those who want a seriously highbrow variation, this Bloody Mary dreamed up by Gastronomista, which is made with a sous vide machine, is possibly the most culinarily-inclined way to make the drink. The result is super light and fresh compared to bottled tomato juice, and you can customize the vegetables you want to include. It’s also ideal for entertaining since you can make the base ahead of time, then add vodka and garnishes when you’re ready to serve.


Uptown Bloody Mary 

As the name implies, this version designed by The Drink Blog is very classy, mainly because it uses tomato water instead of tomato juice. Though it’s a bit laborious to whip up, the final product has a softer, more refined taste.

Aquavit and Dill Bloody Mary 

Instead of using vodka, this Stir and Strain recipe calls for Aquavit, which adds a totally different flavor to the mix. Try adding cucumber as a garnish, which pairs well with both the liquor and the dill.

Blood Orange Bloody Mary 

Though the Bloody Mary is one of the few truly savory cocktails, some people just prefer a touch of sweetness in their drinks. Here, A Beautiful Mess adds a hint of blood orange to sweeten the deal, while still retaining many of the flavors of a regular Bloody Mary.

The Ultimate Bloody Mary 

This idea by HonestlyYUM really takes the cake if you’re looking for a recipe that will impress guests. Topped with a crab leg, shrimp, bacon, black lava salt, and more, this concoction encourages artistic garnish arrangement that is sure to make guests pull out their phones to snap a photo for Instagram.

Hot Pickled Garlic Bloody Mary Mix 

Those who love garlic know there’s no such thing as too much (okay, maybe it’s possible to overdo it, but this recipe doesn’t), and this pickled version created by Libbie Summers adds a different kind of spicy kick than what’s normally found in the drink.


Jalapeño Bloody Mary 

This Half Baked Harvest recipe calls for homemade jalapeño-infused vodka, which—let’s be honest—everyone could benefit from learning how to make. Top it off with pineapple for a summer-friendly tropical vibe.

Roasted Red Pepper Bloody Mary 

Instead of tomatoes, this iteration engineered by Heather Christo uses roasted red pepper puree mixed with any type of vegetable juice for a bold, rich taste that’s quite different from the traditional drink.

Bloody Mary With Everything Bagel Rim 

Love bagels but don’t want to indulge in all the carbs? This Foxes Love Lemons Bloody Mary provides the perfect solution. Poppy, sesame, and caraway seeds combine with garlic—in other words, all the good stuff—to create something a beverage that’s remarkably evocative of the real thing.

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