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by Michelle Gage

The word is traveling fast; an avocado shortage is headed our way–if not here already. We’ve become quite comfortable with stocking up on this magical fruit each and every week. We have spread it on our morning toast. We have used it in our Cobb salads. We have made guacamole. Lots of guacamole. Avocados have always been there for us and we are learning that we may have taken that reliability for granted. We are ready to be a little bit less dependent on this super food and attempt to try new things. There are other foods out there that are equally as delicious and it is time that we give them (more of) a chance.

Onions Can you believe that something that looks this delicious is actually just an onion? These barbecue onion steaks are drenched in honey mustard sauce. Get your grill going and resolve to make this new vegetable favorite.

Figs We could see this fresh fruit start to takeover. In the absence of avocado, figs could rise in power. Bakery dough is the foundation for this fig focaccia. Loaded with red onions, this is yummy treat is perfect for those who pack their work lunch. 

Peas Skip the mashed potatoes and go for mashed peas. Paired with crusty bread or chips, pea hummus is the perfect appetizer for your dinner party. Guests will hardly miss their creamy green guacamole when served this similar substitute. Rich in flavor, this pea hummus is also perfect for late night snacking. 

Zucchini This isn’t a boring or basic recipe. Prepare zucchini in a whole new way. The inclusion of mint, basil, and walnuts makes this dish a total stand out.

Hummus We would venture to guess that anyone who loves avocado has a similar affection for hummus. Add a twist of lemon to turn up the taste on your old favorite. Keep sane during this shortage by stocking up on this healthy snacking option, and lots of things to dip in it! Instead of pairing this with chips and crusty breads, try carrots and cucumbers. 

Tofu Masquerading as potatoes, these tofu fries are a healthier alternative to an old favorite. Comfort foods can be found anywhere.

Cucumbers Thinly sliced and well-seasoned cucumbers are incredibly refreshing. This light summer salad doesn’t disappoint. This lean, green, and delightful vegetable will quiet your cravings for the old standby. A little cilantro and lime add extra flavor. 

Artichokes This cheesy toasted avocado alternative is seriously delicious. A baked bread is great to serve in place of that tired bread basket. Artichokes add a much needed twist to these otherwise easy ingredients. 

Almond Butter Add some fresh fruit and veggies to your basic grilled cheese sandwich. Carrots and apples provide some kick and crunch between the bread. Spread some protein-rich almond butter on each slice, to secure an unforgettable flavor. Grilled to perfection, this summer sandwich is utterly delicious. 

Asparagus The recipe’s title pretty much says it all. “Absurdly Addictive Asparagus” will make you forget all about that other guy. This zesty option is the perfect complement to any pasta dish you are serving. 

Spinach Spinach plays well with a lot of other foods and flavors. It is great in salads and pasta dishes. However, we are all about adding a little spinach to our pizza, especially when it is coupled with bacon. The white cream sauce, spinach and bacon provide the perfect layer of toppings for your homemade dough. 

Tomatoes Tomatoes make great additions to salads, pizzas, and pastas. However, it is time that they stand on their own. Let’s let the tomato be the star of the show for once. Dress them up with a little pesto and parmesan cheese for a quick treat everyone is sure to enjoy. 

Kale Of course kale. Surely you won’t mind replacing one popular produce item with another member of the cool crowd. This dark leafy green is packed with essential nutrients. Spice it up and sauté it for tomorrow’s perfect packed lunch. 

Tomatillo Tomatillos, onions, and jalapenos – oh my! This fresh green salsa is what your chips have been missing. Move over avocados; there is a new green guy in town. 

Ricotta We couldn’t help but end with cheese. We can go on and on about how you should be swapping avocados solely with fruits and vegetables, but we can’t help but recommend an equally creamy option.