Published on February 11, 2016

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Photography by @MILENAMALLORY

civil coffee

Let the two-toned walls in Civil Coffee inspire your own home decor—or just take advantage of the calm ambience. 

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Photography by @ALFREDCOFFEE

alfred coffee

Alfred Coffee is an Instagram-lovers dream. It’s filled with floral and patterned wallpaper, neon lights, and cool coffee cups. 

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Photography by @SHAIDERDIVINA

dinosaur coffee

The design elements in Dinosaur Coffee make us want to move in. There’s lots of greenlife (on the walls!), these beautifully constructed wood shelves, and not so work appropriate coffee mugs.

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matcha box

So technically this is a tea bar, but if you love matcha, make this your place. This shelfie completes our crush on this cool space.

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Photography by @HALEYROEMEN

eightfold coffee

Now this is a place we’d want to spend an afternoon.

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Photography by @CRI1216

chango coffee

Cool murals? Check. Outdoor space? Check.

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Photography by @CABELLCOFFEE

coffee commissary

There are three L.A. locations, and all have enviably sleek decor.

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Photography by @_EVA_LA

blacktop coffee

There’s not much room to hang out in this tiny coffee shop, but stopping by to get caffeinated and admire the exterior works for us.

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Photography by @FORMERLYYES

document coffee bar

Spoiler alert: The inside is just as coastal chic as the outside.

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Photography by @MGBRIBIESCA

andante cafe

The black and white interior is this space is next level.