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@obunchan The cutest fail of all time.

@kaatiee92 A Christmas classic.

@caseymap Noooooooooooo!

@elliotttheturtle So much potential…

@instamika__ Whoopsy.

@thecurriculumcorner There was a plan. They had a plan, ok?

@abbiegsp Nope.

@jeanbremner Oh dear.

@amysarmario Good cookies gone bad.

@kateflentje There was a good idea in here somewhere…

@crazy.berner.mama File this under things that seemed like a good idea at the time.

@elizabethclairephoto No cheer. No chill.

@ericawinetrips No one can forget the tragic events that befell those in Gingerbreadville that year…

@blondiegrams The cutest culprit ever.

@allysonsmith23 Tis the season of good ideas…and awkward results.