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We recently told you all about The Big Flea, and gave you plenty of vintage-focused home decor ideas to think about (as if you needed them–how obsessed are we with vintage)?? Last Friday, the flea came to town, bringing with it some of the most jaw-dropping finds we’ve ever seen. Team domino saw the whole spread, and tagged our favorites with our “Domino Loves” tags (which we sort of wish we could bring with us to friends’ houses, too). Read on for a peek inside the Big Flea that came to New York during a big storm–and still drew a crowd.

Because we can’t resist an entryway, domino and Artfully Walls partnered up to style the entrance to The Big Flea.

gallery wall

goals, amiright?

Oh hey that’s us!

And that’s us, too! Beth Brenner and Victoria Gordon from team domino take advantage of the opportunity to pose.

Our Domino Loves tags appeared throughout the flea, letting shoppers know which items really stood out to us.

Guests arriving ready to shop!

We basically tagged everything at Adelaide…whoops.

Loving this setup!

One of the posh booths waiting for shoppers at the flea.

Tagging trinkets…

And greeting guests!

Almost like wandering into a living room full of secrets…

Barside at the flea’s pre-opening bash.

Another sweet snap in our entryway.

Those matching love seats really needed to come home with us.

We could have tagged basically everything, TBH.

We hope this jaw-dropping table found a good home.

Of course a bar cart. Of course.

We can’t get over these chairs, or the weird little metal man sitting in them!

Did we mention how HUGE this flea is?

Can’t you imagine a dinner party around this stately table?

We’d have tagged this light fixture, if we could have reached it.


These chairs called to us from across a room. We miss them.

Sad you missed it? Don’t stress, The Big Flea will be back in September! (But maybe start making room in your house now…).