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If you’ve ever been intimidated by vintage, this is the read for you. If making one vintage purchase has ever made you feel like your whole house suddenly had to go retro, enter a new school of thought. With this week’s NYC Big Flea on the calendar, we want to make sure you can see gorgeous vintage finds as beautiful accents to your home–whatever your style. Read on for 14 ways we’re so ready to use vintage.

The Best Seat In The House

Inspiring envy every time you throw a party, the beloved butterfly chair is vintage enough to have attained classic status, but not so retro that it feels outdated next to your other seating options.  Rustic Butterfly Chair, Hardoy, $1,850

The Not-Mass-Produced Lamp

Anyone can swing by a megastore on a Saturday morning and scoop up a “easy” light. It’s practical, assembly is a no-brainer, but there’s a downside–it’s boring. We’d opt for a pair of notice-me lamps that contribute to the bright, inviting nature of a room, without stealing the show.  Pair of Swan Detail Floor Lamps, $1,350

The Genius Duo

Before you spotted the perfect pair of benches, you thought your bedroom was finished. Then they came along and turned the space at the end of your bed into something stunning and functional at the same time.  Pair of 19th Century Art Nouveau Stools with Hot Lipstick Pink Seats, $1,350

The Goes-With-Everything Lamp

We can’t say this about every mid century lighting fixture, but some of them really do go with everything. In an entryway, above a dining table, the classic cool of a simple sphere is always welcome.  Large Mid Century Spherical White Pendant Light

The Multitasking Wonder Storage

A sturdy, well-crafted, deeply drawered piece like this one is going to take on a number of different purposes during its tenure in your home, and you’ll be grateful for all of them. Sure, it’s a dresser, and a striking one at that. But really, what is your record player sitting on right now? Is your home bar nothing more than a cabinet in the kitchen? Does your dining room scream for a sideboard? You’re one piece away from solving problems. All of the problems.  Rare Florence Knoll Dresser, $3,500

The Don’t-Let-Your-Friends-Borrow-It Entertaining Addition

You’ll be the only one at the barbecue toting along this find. So much so we dare say you should leave it at home in your bar setup, lest one of your friends “mistakenly” pops it in the back of their styrofoam cooler-packed SUV.  Rattan Picnic Wine Basket, $450

The Dream

Oh, to have a sun room. A ladies lounge. A true boudoir. At least we can have the seating. A lounge piece isn’t often found in modern decor schemes, as sofas and mid century chairs are so much more likely to serve a purpose. But if there’s room, and a good source for custom upholstery in town, you’ll never part with a beauty like this.  Vintage Rattan Chaise Lounge, $2,500

The Chandelier

Sometimes dining rooms call for nothing else. The grand gesture chandelier, while posing certain cleaning difficulties, will stun guests to the point they won’t notice those slightly burned scallops. This is one of those defining purchases that really makes your space feel like your home.  Venini Italian Crystal Chandelier, $2,600

The Conversation Piece(s)

While versatility abounds with this purchase, we’d appreciate anyone bold enough to keep them together as a team, sparking conversation and seating options aplenty. Why is it we suddenly can’t live without four ottomans?! Set of Mid-Century Stacking Ottoman’s, $1,250

The Form & Function Stunner

We know. We want it, too. So do our overstuffed closets begging for a reprieve. Display prized possessions, or simply let it warmly welcome guests in an entryway. Even your small space can play host to this space-saving beauty.  Gilded Faux Bamboo Valet, $925

The Coffee Table Accent

You’ve got enough books, okay? Don’t neglect the need for a stylish object or two atop your table. They add dimension to a space that’s too perfect (or…you know, square), by being imaginative and fun.  Desk Antler Magnifying Glasses, $200 per item

Art, Of Course

When you’re ready for an art investment, don’t ignore prized works from the past. Perhaps the most timeless of all vintage, and the most certain to bring joy every time it meets your glance.  Mary Vander Hoeven Oil On Panel Mid 20th Century, $3,900

The Anywhere Table

Much like a functional storage credenza, the everywhere table may travel from room to room as your needs evolve. A pop of color here tells you it will add a bit of whimsy wherever it lands, and it’s not-too-big nature means it won’t intrude on your space–it will only make it more functional.  French Garden Table, Yellow With Gunmetal Top, $950

The Mid Century Centerpiece 

Practically as necessary as your favorite appliance, the mid century sofa will take the least amount of should we/shouldn’t we decision making in your head. Practically a prerequisite in any well-styled house, what was once a trend is now timeless. It’s the couch you keep forever. It just is.  Danish Design Sofa by Arne Hovmand Olesen, $3,500

This post was created together with The Big Flea, coming to Pier 90 in Manhattan January 23-24. Spot domino magazine’s favorite finds at the flea via our pink “domino loves” tags!