Craving Cozy? These 15 Netflix Movies Will Put You In a Wintry Mood

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After the holiday turkey has been devoured and the stuffing left in shambles, we typically follow the same route straight from the dining table to the living room sofa. In a drowsy-pants-too-tight state, few rituals are more relaxing than turning on the TV, grabbing the nearest throw blanket, and settling down for a quality movie.

If you’ve ever gone down a Netflix rabbit hole you’ll know that picking the perfect movie can be a taxing ordeal—especially, when the whole family is involved.

To save you the work of sifting through hundreds of Netflix films, we rounded up the top contenders where cozy homes are key. From classic movies featuring snowy hillsides and faraway cabins to nostalgic crowd-favorites, these films are quintessential winter viewing. Consider this your winter break watchlist.

Beauty and the Beast

Kid-friendly and cozy?Bill Condon’s real-life interpretation of this childhood classic comes to life with singing home decor and the ever-inspiring Emma Watson. Between the roaring dining room fireplace, hidden spiral stairwells, and never-ending library, you’ll wish you had haunted a castle of your own.

Finding Neverland

Based on the life of author J.M. Barrie, Finding Neverland follows the story of the family that inspired his most iconic work, Peter Pan. Trips to country cottages and fantastical playtime scenarios make this a thrilling flick to watch with little ones. So much so, that it might just make you believe you can pull off a similar sense of whimsy in your own home.

Groundhog Day

Only those with a special patience for repetition will tell you that Groundhog Day is their favorite movie. That said, the cynical story is surprisingly cozy, as the same snowy day in the small town of Punxsutawney continues to play out in a myriad of equally-hilarious scenarios.

Julie and Julia

With the right food and flavors, the kitchen has the potential to be the coziest room in a home. Hearty dishes and steaming pots are the central focus of this comedy-drama, which is based on the true story of how Julia Child conquered French cuisine and, consequently, how her fictional successor mastered the famous dishes in her own tiny NYC apartment.

Love Actually

Love might be the long-term takeaway of this holiday favorite, but the real link that connects each of the nine intertwining stories is home. From Hugh Grant’s stately mansion to Keira Knightley’s eclectic loft, Love Actually is peppered with plenty of joy—and decorating ideas.  

Message in a Bottle

If there’s anyone who has seemingly mastered the art of cozy, it’s Nicholas Sparks. As with most of the famed novelists works, this captivating drama takes place along the coast of North Carolina. Complete with long lost love letters, waterfront cottages, and a whirlwind romance,  this is one you’ll want to stream with a glass or red wine in hand.

Marie Antoinette

Part of cultivating cozy is giving into your wildest indulgences. And who better to school us on extravagance that Marie Antoinette? While Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of the famously flamboyant French queen is worth the watch on its own, the real star of this throwback film are the interiors. Never have we wanted to sink into a pile of luxe upholstery or wallpaper every room in the most outrageous floral print for the simple sake of being over the top until now.

Nights in Rodanthe

Up for a Nicholas Sparks marathon? Much like it’s aforementioned counterpart, Nights in Rodanthe boasts all the makings of a binge-worthy romance, including an approaching storm, suspicious strangers, and a stunning seaside beach house. This pick calls for a chilly evening cuddled up under the coziest throw blanket you can find.

No Reservations

Katherine Zeta Jones might play a hostile chef tasked with caring for her young niece in this rom-com, but the food-filled set makes up for any unexpected edginess. Once the credits start rolling, you’ll suddenly feel inspired to fill up on pasta and build a makeshift fort in the living room.

Meet the Parents

There’s something comforting and nostalgic about suburbia, especially when you throw wacky relatives and a backyard wedding into the mix. A typical tree-lined Long Island street serves as a snug backdrop for the family chaos that ensues in this Ben Stiller favorite.

Phantom of the Opera

We wouldn’t usually classify a dangerous love triangle and a tormented “opera ghost” as the ingredients for a feel-good film, yet, somehow, this theatrical iteration of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s haunting production pulls it off. Mysterious shadows, candle-filled rooms, and a spooky opera house make this a must-watch for the darker homebodies among us.

P.S. I Love You

A tear jerker isn’t what you’d usually think to watch when you want to feel warm inside. However, as Holly Kennedy (played by Hilary Swank) works through a series of letters left by her late husband, the rolling hills of the Irish landscape begin to set the stage for cozy ambience.

The Break Up

If your idea of cozy recalls purging your life of every bad boyfriend you’ve ever had, get ready to snuggle up! As the stubborn duo played by Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston fight it out for their luxe Chicago condo, you’ll remember why living alone is as intimate as it gets.

The King’s Speech

It’s a little-known fact that everything is infinitely cozier across the Atlantic. In this Academy Award-winning drama, Colin Firth portrays the Duke of York circa 1940 as he plans to conquer his stammer and take the throne as the King of England. If you have a thing for London, historical interiors, underdogs, or all of the above, this feel-good movie is worthy of your watchlist.

The Lake House

A beautiful lakeside house surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows sets the stage for a fantasy relationship between an architect and a doctor who communicate by passing letters into the home’s mailbox.

White Christmas

You can never go wrong with a classic. As 1950’s star Bing Crosby and his crew of performers await a snowy Christmas at their cozy lodge in rural Vermont, fun-filled songs fill in the gaps. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to retreat to a quaint country inn, this holiday favorite will fuel your plans for a long weekend getaway this winter.

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