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Whether we are living in our own dream house or a starter apartment, watching movies gives us plenty to aspire to in the design department. Even though we know the sets were curated under the careful eye of professionals with access to budgets a bit more substantial than most viewers have, we love indulging in this cinematic escapism. Seeing someone’s bedroom is an especially tempting treat since this inner sanctum is often hidden in real life. These 10 movie bedrooms fuel our daydreams and give a glimpse into where some of our favorite movie characters spend their nights.


Amelie Poulain’s quirky Parisian apartment is the stuff of dreams, and her red bedroom is the crème de la crème. We wouldn’t have expected anything less unique and personal from our beloved heroine. The whole room is bathed in a rich light, thanks to bright red wallpaper brushed with gold. A saffron quilted comforter adds texture and comfort to the bed as portraits of sweetly odd animals oversee Amelie’s slumber. 

The Holiday

Nancy Meyers, director of Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated , is known for her swoon-worthy sets. The Holiday is no exception, and although both main characters have bedrooms we’d adore, Cameron Diaz’s is the one we covet the most. With a soft rug underfoot, plenty of space for books under oversized matching bedside table, and a bed that is elegantly dressed, the bedroom is a calming, neutral oasis for a woman with a busy life. The sunny LA weather makes it easier to wake up in the morning, as do the two huge windows that frame the bed (although there are black out shades when needed).

Gone With The Wind

I do declare, Miss Scarlett-you have a bedroom fit for a Southern queen. O’Hara’s bedroom borrows several tricks from royal dwellings, with a sumptuous bed as well as all the fixins: gold-trimmed dressers topped with fresh flowers, dramatic bed draperies and cornice, huge gold-framed mirrors, even a wall that looks covered with a pillow-like wallpaper. Did we mention the ornate molding and the Corinthian columns?

Marie Antoinette

Speaking of royalty, Marie Antoinette’s bedroom is truly a visual marvel, albeit a little much for plebeians like us. Director Sofia Coppola was able to use the real Versailles as the backdrop for her movie, and the opulence of the royal chateau is over-the-top, as expected. Floral patterns everywhere–on the bed curtains, mattresses, wallpaper, carpets, even the headboard-balance the heavy use of gold and multiple crystal chandeliers to keep the room from looking too stuffy. We’d happily take this bedroom even without all those ladies-in waiting and servants.

Mamma Mia

When you live on an island of Greece, as Meryl Streep’s character does in Mamma Mia,  you likely spend most of your time outdoors. This bedroom, however, would be the ideal place for an afternoon respite from the Mediterranean heat. A funky jewel-toned light hangs over the colorfully dressed bed, and a comfy rocking chair beckons. The whole room looks inviting (but not too matchy-matchy) with a casual, warm red scheme.

The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby obviously liked living large, and his two-floor bedroom is no exception.  Decorated in rich bronze, mahogany, and grey with muted gold Art Deco details, the design is curated and custom-tailored, just like the man who lived there. More minimally decorated than other parts of Gatsby’s grand manse, the bedroom offers a reprieve from Gatsby’s famous, rollicking parties.

Moulin Rouge

Satine’s bedroom/dressing room looks like a jewel box, a fitting setting for a woman nicknamed “the sparkling diamond”. Every inch of the deep red surroundings are textured and layered with rugs or swirling gilded walls, giving a sensuous, exotic feel. 

Moulin Rouge (continued)

Multiple lamps keep the room intimately lit, and the numerous seating areas, inviting lounge-worthy bed, and amazing views (the room is on top of a giant elephant!) make the room perfectly suited for entertaining.

Eclipse: The Twilight Movies

Edward’s “bedroom” is on our want list even without the bed (as it originally appeared in the first Twilight movie). Huge floor to ceiling windows, including several that comprise the entire length of a wall, let in tons of natural light and allow for an unparalleled view of the surrounding woods. A daybed is the perfect place to read a century’s worth of books. When an actual bed is procured in the third movie, it is tastefully and warmly outfitted and is topped with a lovely floral design in iron in lieu of a canopy.

Anna Karenina

The most recent movie version of the Russian classic included a rich blue bedroom in a hotel where Anna waits unhappily and anxiously for a divorce. The room, from the walls to the furniture upholstery to the bedding, all incorporate the same damask fabric, broken up by carved wooden bed frames, loveseats, and side tables.  The monochromatic bedroom is intense, but the regal-looking blue is vibrant and energizing. 

Sex and the City 2

We will always love Carrie’s bed area in her beloved old apartment and its style upgrades during Sex and the City’s run, but her shared bedroom with Big is just as luxurious and lovely as you’d expect. Carrie’s bright, flirtatious style marries well with Big’s more modern and muted tastes in the sequel. 

Sex and the City 2 (continued)

Sumptuous bedding, decorative pillows and patterned wallpaper in mostly soft hues make the room surprisingly feminine, and we adore the clean, white secretary desk and love to imagine ourselves (er….we mean, Carrie) writing away at it.